Iran to UAE by Ferry: Q&A and updates

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Re: Iran to UAE by Ferry: Q&A and updates

Post by cyclolenti »

Just to add few information and confirm others:
-Al rais agency in Dubai is in front of Abbra bus stop on Baniyas road, nearest metro station: Baniyas Square.
-Boat leaving from Sharjah to Bandar-Abbas are on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9PM, but you have to be there at 4PM. Around the 21st march (Persian new years) not all boats are rumning.
-Price ticket: 300dirham each person which include 75kg luggage (i confirm bicycles included)
-everyone have to pay 35dirham at Port Khalid/Sharjah UAE immigration service (valid for any border when you live the UAE) so don't forget to keep enought money.
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Re: Iran to UAE by Ferry: Q&A and updates

Post by georgestravelsasia »

I thought it'd be good to mention something I found out in my research for people intending on travelling from Iran to UAE and onwards to Oman.

So the emirate of DUBAI (not the whole UAE) have a common visa facility with Oman, which means you don't need to pay Oman VOA fee (20 OMR, roughly 50 usd) if you fulfill all following conditions :
- you're eligible for VOA in Oman (which is the case if you're a EU citizen or any of the following
- if you arrive in the UAE through the emirate of Dubai (Dubai airport (DXB), Dubai World Central (DWC) or Port Rashid (ferry terminal))
- if you specifically say at Dubai's border that you intend to visit Oman during the validity time of your UAE visa/visa-waiver (then you will get a sticker together with your passport stamp)
- you still have 3 weeks left on your UAE visa/visa-waiver
- if you enter Oman through Moscat Airport and/or Hatta land border
- if you don't loose your UAE exit fee receipt (35 AED, about 10 usd)

So given that the omani visa on arrival fee is 50 USD per person I thought it'd be good to mention this for people considering wether to use Bandar Abbas-Sharjah (which will not make you eligible for the Dubai-Oman common visa facility) or Bandar Lengeh-Dubai.

Sources : ... dubai-oman ... ta-border/
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Re: Iran to UAE by Ferry: Q&A and updates

Post by johannesengl »

Hello there,

is there anybody who has taken the ferry from Bandar Abbas to UAE with a car recently and can give an estimate for the cost for the tickets? The price I found is from 2015 which was 500- 800$.
I read somewhere that it is possible to pay the ticket after arriving in UAE. This would be convenient since taking out money in Iran is not possible. But this sounds a bit to good to good to be true. Has anyone experience with that?

Thanks in advance for any information on this!

Best, Johannes
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