Caspian sea ferry updates & questions

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Re: Caspian sea ferry updates & questions

Postby steenaa54 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:26 pm

Miras Bazarov. I just saw your good explanation and that you are Turkmen. I am intending to do the trip the other way round if I get Transit visa. I will come in from Bukhara/Türkmenabat and then head to Ashgabat and further on to Turkmenbashy. I would of course like to spend most time in other places than Turkmenbashy port, but as I probably only get 5 days, I will kind of have to rush to the ferry for going to Baku, as there is no timetable. But do you have any idea how often the ferry leaves? It will be in 2. part of October, so maybe there also is a challenge because of the weather…?
Another concern. I will try to apply in Astana/Nur-sultan and then after 3 weeks arrive in Uzbekistan. Do you know if there are consulates in Bukhara or Samarkand to pick up the visa?
Of course reply from everyone is appreciated
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Re: Caspian sea ferry updates & questions

Postby ericv » Tue Jul 16, 2019 5:50 pm

MirasBazarov wrote:Hello, Eric.
"Turkembashi Deniz Yuk Porty" - means "cargo port" in Turkmen language
"Turkmenbashi Yolagcy Porty" - means "Passenger Port" in Turkmen language.

Its sure information, cuz Im turkmen native speaker and live in Turkmenistan.
Feel free to ask anything more.

With best regards, Miras

ericv wrote:
alarencontredumonde wrote:Just wanted to share our wonderful journey between Baku and Turkmenbashi.

Before leaving, we met 2 others travellers to share the journey. 4th of June we started to contact Oktai: +994 502140413, using an other number in this forum who put us in contact with him. Uses WhatsApp, speaks English. There were almost boats everyday, but we were not ready yet. On the 9th, they told us the boat was coming and that we should be at the port at 3 pm. We took a taxi for 25 Manats and arrived at Alat port at 2h30. At the same time another tourist arrived, we were 5 now. What I understood, is that Bergyar and Berkerer boats are also now leaving from Alat. But I don't know where and when you can buy them. I think that the contact we had was more for Azeri boats than Turkmen boats.

Passeport control at the entrance of the port. We then went at the office. Paid 60$ US per person, travelling on Professor Gul. They told us to wait. Hopefully, the boat would be arriving around 6 pm, InchAllah. We waited in a small restaurant (with AC) for 3 hours, the wifi was not working. On Marine tracking, the boat was still not at the port. We figured that we should wait somewhere else. Someone talked us about a waiting room. It was hard to find, but we managed to find a really big waiting room, close to the port entry. We waited there for few hours and rested a bit.

At 3:45 a guard came to say that we could board. We walked to the customs. Stamped out Azerbaijan. Small search with really nice border officers. Boarded the ship at 4:20 am. They gave us 2 cabin of 4 beds: 2 girls in one and 3 boys in te other one. They loaded the ship around 10 am and we left the port at 4:30 pm on the 10th. We spent 25h at the port in total.

The journey was nice: nice sunset, comfortable cabins, really nice crew and 4 meals included! Not 5 stars, but very nice experience! We docked in Turkmenbashi at 10:30 and exited all the process at 15:10.

Hope this will be helpful!

Hello mate!

Thanks so much for this update! I am looking to do the same trip in a few weeks.

Can I ask: what port did you arrive at in Turkmenbashi?

On the Turkmen visa application, you need to select a Port of Entry. The two options are "Turkembashi Deniz Yuk Porty" and "Turkmenbashi Yolagcy Porty". I'm not sure which one to select. Could you confirm?


Miras, thanks so much! That is helpful.

Now I am wondering though... even though I am a passenger, would I arrive in the cargo port on the ferry from Baku? Does anyone know?
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Re: Caspian sea ferry updates & questions

Postby BakuBound » Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:11 pm

You travel on a cargo ship which has some cabins for passengers, and you leave and depart from a cargo terminal with limited facilities for passengers. A bit rough but with the right attitude, and lots of time and patience, you'll manage. Otherwise, flying is about the same cost, less even once you consider hotel bills while waiting for a sailing.
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