2024 Selling Car in Mongolia

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2024 Selling Car in Mongolia

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I am driving to Mongolia this summer and was wondering how I could get rid of my car in Mongolia without having to pay a lot of money to ship/drive it back? I saw some past posts about this but, from a few years ago, so I’m wondering if there is some more up to date info? Is it possible to sell it without paying stupidly high import rates? Cheers
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Re: 2024 Selling Car in Mongolia

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Hi, maybe too late and you have already find the right solution?

if not please contact [email protected] and ask information to him. he is a driver and know well about buying and selling cars. he can give you a hint.

be sure for an answer
also as you want to travel self driving in Mongolia he can help you for the trip you want to do expalining about roads and difficulties?

have nice trip in Mongolia, we went there 7 times! :roll:
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