Mongolia-China border areas: guide/permit needed?

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Mongolia-China border areas: guide/permit needed?

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Hello everybody,
We are planning to drive to Mongolia next year by our own car. According to other resources, you are only allowed to drive your own car in Mongolia in company with a guide? Wenn I read all your messages on this forum, it seems to me that nobody is taking a guide. Is this true? Taking a guide is no longer mandatory?
Thanks for you reponses,
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Re: road conditions mongolia

Post by bwv812 »

I've never heard this about Mongolia. So far as I know, China is the only place in the region that requires a guide.
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Re: road conditions mongolia

Post by badarchin »

Mongols have a requirement to visit the border areas with China with a Mongolian guide. To visit the 30-km border zone, you need a permite, during its issue they ask who the guide will be. But usually this requirement is not fulfilled, just an arbitrary name is indicated, and you drive yourself.
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