Long-term vehicle storage in Eurasian Customs Union Q&A

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Re: Long-term vehicle storage in Eurasian Customs Union Q&A

Post by Semski »

Hi all, does anyone have any experience extending the TIP? I parked my car in Kyrgyzstan back in October of 2019 and I was planning on driving it back earlier this year, but due to the current situation that won't be possible anytime soon. My TIP expires on the 2nd of August and I'd like to avoid having to pay an exorbitant 'fee' when I try to leave the country.
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Re: Long-term vehicle storage in Eurasian Customs Union Q&A

Post by steven »

I think it can be extended by any of the people who are frequently mentioned in these threads. Get in touch with them, or with the place where you parked your car to see if they can do it for you.
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Re: Long-term vehicle storage in Eurasian Customs Union Q&A

Post by bratse »

My car currently is in Barnaul (Western Siberia) - last year I drove it across the Mongolian border (Tsagaannuur) in order to get another 1-year temporary import permission. This 1 year will expire in mid of August. I'm getting nervous (as I still can't travel into Russia due to Corona). However, I'm still hopeful it will be possible prior to mid of August as the Russian authorities start easing travel/flight restrictions.

I know the Mongolia border is currently closed (apparently also due to the outbreak of the bubonic plague - see https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/07/ ... ion-a70756).

Based on previous experience the customs won't extend the 1-year mark (I tried it last year and they refused saying that 1-year is the very max.).
So I'm still thinking on how I could solve this situation.

One thought: Crossing the car across the Russian/Mongolian border and turning it around in the 'nomanland' prior to even getting to the Mongolian border post. Of course this would assume the Russians would let me through their post (despite the fact the border is officially closed).

The only other option I see: driving the car all the way back to Ukraine (there aren't really any accessible other border in the area which would qualify for the exit/re-enter procedure).

Does anybody have an advice OR perhaps a local contact who regularly performs exit/re-enter (and could advise on any 'way arounds')?
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