Buying/Selling Motorbike in Osh

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Buying/Selling Motorbike in Osh

Post by travelerthomas »

I should be spending some time traveling in Central Asia over the coming months. I'm looking at the possibility/feasibility of buying a motorbike in Osh, and selling it cheaply at the journey's end. I understand it should be possible, but as of yet there seems to be no clear-cut recipe online for how to go about doing it.

Besides locating a suitable and hopefully reliable bike what won't require too many repairs, it seems unclear whether I need to arrange any paperwork in order to be allowed to take it across the borders. Where might one find someone that's willing to share this information?

Thanks for shedding light on the matter,
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Re: Buying/Selling Motorbike in Osh

Post by steven »

Once you own the bike, it's yours and you can take it across borders. No problem there. Buying the bike is of course something that requires visits to the police for registration etc and might be difficult to do without good language skills.

There are a number of people who rent out motorbikes in Osh. They are your best option for help and advice.
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