Renting a car in Kazakhstan

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Renting a car in Kazakhstan

Post by Luuk99 »

Hello everyone,

Two friends and I are going on vacation to Kazakhstan for 1 month.
We want to rent a car to travel through the south and east of Kazakhstan.
Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a rental company that will rent us a car.
The biggest problem is that two of us are both 22 years old, and most rental companies have the requirement that we have to be 23/25+ years old.
I have contacted all companies that are shown on google maps, but only 3 companies have replied. They tell us that it is impossible to rent us a car to drive in more than one region.

So my question is. Does anyone know a company/website/friend/person in Almaty where we can rent a car?
One friend has 4 years of driver experience, and I have 3 years of driver experience. We both are 22 years old.

I would really like to hear if there is a possibility to rent a car.
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Re: Renting a car in Kazakhstan

Post by steven »

No sorry, 23 is the limit for all the companies I know.

I agree that renting a car is a great way to travel in Kazakhstan. Maybe visit Kyrgyzstan instead? You might find a willing rental company there (maybe).
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Re: Renting a car in Kazakhstan

Post by Koen »


I rented in april 2018 a car via :
That time she was starting the company and i had contact via instagram, but she arranged that i rented a car via a local driver.
We went to insurance office to get insurance and it was all good.

Started in Almaty and ended there.
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