4x4 necessary?

Self-driving the Silk Road.
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Re: 4x4 necessary?

Post by KaYe »

Great thanks to all of you for your very valuable comments. We don't have an exact route yet, more in pre planning stages. Campervan comes first 😉
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Re: 4x4 necessary?

Post by sekimdr »

Many Koreans are travelling Tan countries with their 2WD bus or even sedan car with gasolin engine..
It would be helpful to have 4WD, but it is not must.

I travelled for 347 days including Iran, Trukmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazahstan with my AWD SUV. But, 4WD mode was seldom used during my travel.
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Re: 4x4 necessary?

Post by Lovetheworld »

As said, not necessary for the main roads, even some mountain passes. But high ground clearance would be good. A van like a transporter is usually not that high. The italian and french vans, like Fiat Ducato and similar, from the nineties usually have a bit more ground clearance.
Even some of the European style camper vans (as the ones in the link) have quite good ground clearance (although a long overhang)
Then you have the old Mercedes vans who sometimes come with a diff lock even though not 4x4, that is usually a real help.

If anybody really wants to keep all options open you could search for Toyota Hiace or Mitsubishi L300 / Delica 4wd vans.
We have an older Hiace from early nineties, and it has parttime 4x4 with low-gearing so that's quite capable. We can go where a standard 4x4 jeep can go, but they usually have more powerful engines.

Anyway, don't be afraid, with a simple van you will get to most places while keeping things cheap.
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Re: 4x4 necessary?

Post by sinclairsin »

Hi, does anyone have more recent datapoints on the road to Tusheti in Georgia?

In more recent videos I see of the drive, it honestly doesn't look like 4wd would be necessary, but maybe high ground clearance is still needed? Would love an opinion.
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