Motorcycle Maintenance in Central Asia Q&A

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Motorcycle Maintenance in Central Asia Q&A

Post by claddaghman »

My friends and I are riding our KTM motorcycles this year (May-Sept) from London to Vladivostok via Iran and the Stans and we are trying to figure out where we could get replacement tires and routine maintenance along the route. Specifically we are interested in finding contacts in Trabzon, Turkey; Dushanbe, Tajkikistan; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Astana, Kazakhstan; and Ulan Bator, Mongolia as these will most likely be places that some or all of us will be in need of tire changes and/or oil changes. We are doubtful regarding getting anything in Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and are planning on having reasonably fresh tires for the miles between Turkey and Dushanbe.
Any suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated, first hand experiences trump all of course.
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Re: Motorcycle Maintenance/Tire Changes on the Road

Post by travellingmusician »

hi there,

-there is a official bmw motorcycle dealer in trabzon (i got heidenau k60 scout there).
-there's a guy called nico in tbilisi. he's local, rides ktm, is very friendly and can help with anything. (write me for number)
-muztoo in osh (swiss company) have chinese tyres and a repair shop. i haven't been there yet but everybody i meet says great things about them.
-there's an official bmw dealer in almaty, kasachstan (don't know anything about them)

hope this helps.
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Re: Motorcycle Maintenance/Tire Changes on the Road

Post by moffy »

Yolo bikers!! In Dushanbe make sure you stop in at "Bike House". Google it. New tyres, oil change, general repairs, and a great place to hang out and have a beer🍺
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Re: Motorcycle Maintenance/Tire Changes on the Road

Post by dessenior »

"Agent Orange" in Almaty are the KTM dealers for the country:

There are also dealers in Aktau and Shymkent, but the Almaty one is probably more useful, it's a good size and they speak English. But if you want tyres you might be advised to let them know in advance.

The BMW dealer in Almaty is useless, only knows about cars. There is also an independent shop here,

Edit July 2022: the above info may not still be accurate, but it's a starting point!
The KTM dealer is now known as KTM Kazakhstan but it 's not clear if they are still trading. There does appear to be a Yamaha dealer nearby on Satpaeva.
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Re: Motorcycle Maintenance/Tire Changes on the Road

Post by ASpeed »

The BMW dealer in Almaty, Al Farabi st, now also sells and maintains BMW motorcycles. We had basic maintenance done there and got great service. There is also a motorcycle store called FreeRider, which sells all sorts of spare parts and tyres, and has a hostel attached and a pub across the way.
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Re: Motorcycle Maintenance in Central Asia Q&A

Post by cavalldemetall »

While staying in Atyrau, I saw a motorcycle shop (Moto Salon). I'm not sure if they have spare parts or if there's any mechanic working there because I'm in no need of it, but if you find yourself in need of new tyres or some spare parts, it might be a good starting point.

4WW3+2Q7, Atyrau
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