Selling a car: success stories

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Selling a car: success stories

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I sold my car to Patrik from Muztoo travel in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. I had a very undesirable right-hand drive, old Citreon Xsara Picasso driven from the UK (not undesirable in my eyes obviously!). He was willing to purchase the car with all the equipment I didn't want for $300 and I paid for the notary 1000 Som to complete a formal signing over the paperwork. As I understand Patrik was not planning to permanently import the car but to extend the temporary import and use it was a runaround (or perhaps sell it to another traveller I guess). He was helpful and it meant the worry of leaving the country appropriately was removed. As it was no one at the Kyrgyz border to China asked me a single question. I could have just left Pico at the side of the road with the keys in!

Patrik will be moving back to Switzerland in the very near future so won't be able to help out with others but contacting Muztoo travel may help as they will still have their complete set up there continuing. It's just Patrik and his family moving back. They have a Kyrgyz man that assists them and owns a small share of the company called Oibek. I dealt with him for the paperwork. He speaks good English and was interested in buying cars if I knew of anyone. He in contactable on whatsapp at + +996 551 006 115. He also helped me with registering at the local government office. It cost me 500 Som for a few hours of his time and a couple of small bribes but the process was smooth, painless and as quick as it could be.
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