Auto gas / LPG / propane availability

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Auto gas / LPG / propane availability

Post by Vanessa »

Hi, we are planning to take our motorhome through Azerbaijan - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Kyrgykstan. We use Propane gas for our heating, water and cooking and carry one exchangeable tank and one refillable.
What availability of gas should we expect, please?
thank you
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Re: Auto gas / LPG / propane availability

Post by steven »

In Xinjiang province this is now a real problem. Elsewhere, it is not AFAIK, since many people in these countries also use gas tanks for heating and cooking.
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Re: Auto gas / LPG / propane availability

Post by wakeyjamie »

Hi Vanessa,

Can you tell us how you got on with your trip. My wife and I are planning a trip to Central Asia in a van conversion Motorhome and any tips, advice or reports in would love to hear. How did you get on with camping and registrations. Did you wild camp?, Did you find water etc ok? And what about visas and Carnets for the vehicle.
Many thanks
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