Uzbekistan/Moynaq: Fuel Question

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Uzbekistan/Moynaq: Fuel Question

Post by murg »

Hi everybody;

this is my very first post!

We (2 guys on 2 motorbikes) will enter Uzbekistan coming from Beyneu.
Our intention is to ride straight to Moynaq... now comes the tricky part:

Is it possible to get some fuel (about 40 Liters benzin/Petrol) there. We would like to ride up to the remains of Aral Lake the following day.
After Camping there for a night we will ride to Nukus.

I wonder if someone has any Information regarding the fuel Situation.

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Re: Uzbekistan/Moynaq: Fuel Question

Post by Cheldon »

wir waren 2015 in Moynac und am "See". Eine Tankstelle haben wir nicht gesehen.
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Re: Uzbekistan/Moynaq: Fuel Question

Post by kunibald »

Moynaq is not a lost place, in fact it's quite a big town. The shoreline is booming with gas factorys, there is hell a lot of traffic. Didn't searched for it, but I'm very positive that you can find petrol there, since the locals and the companys need it, too. If not a petrol station, locals will be happy to sell you something out of their Gaz-53-Tank.
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Re: Uzbekistan/Moynaq: Fuel Question

Post by steven » ... ailability

Black market always has some availability
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