Pamir Highway medical access

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Pamir Highway medical access

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Hello :) I’m planning on driving from Turkmenistan to Mongolia as part of the Mongol Rally. Our current route plan is Ashgabat - Turkmenabat - Samarkand - Dushanbe - Sarigoin - Osh - Tokogul Reservoir - Almaty - Kol’Bay area, up into Russia and across Mongolia to Ulan Bataar.

In the last week my asthma has flared up and I’ve had two attacks which hasn’t happened to me since childhood. I have rescue inhalers, have a seretide steroid inhaler that was prescribed to me after the attacks and have a couple of packets of prednisolone for just in case. I’m VERY nervous about travelling into areas that are so remote after my asthma so suddenly flaring up, and I’m trying to decide wether it is foolhardy to continue, or if I will be ok. The thing that sets me off is pollution and petrol/diesel fumes which has caused me grief driving through big cities like Tehran.

The main factor my decision will be based on is exactly how isolated are these areas (I realise I’ve outlined a huge area) and how removed would I be from basic medical care? The last two attacks I was given oxygen and IV steroids in hospital, which I don’t think are uncommon items?

Any thoughts or information anyone has would be very welcome. I don’t want to have to change my plans, but I equally don’t want to find myself many hours away from any sort of medical help should I have another attack that I can’t control with the medications I have with me.

Thank you very much :)

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