Planning my itinerary

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Planning my itinerary

Postby KrisKelvin » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:34 pm

I've been in Central Asia for 2 weeks now, traveling at the moment in Kyrgyzstan.
I have to book my return flight ticket, and for that I need to sweep my last doubts:

-1st question: is a 2 months stay long enough to visit Kazakhstan (including Aktau and the western part), Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan (including Karakalpakstan), Tajikistan (and the Pamirs) and maybe a short stay in the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan ?

-2nd question : I landed in Kazakhstan but haven't applied for a visa. My plan is to visit the mountainous part of Central Asia first, before it gets too cold, meaning I gonna keep the lowland areas (Uzbekistan and Western Kazakhstan) for the end.
Do the Kazakh immigration really mind if I cross again the Kazakh territory after my visa-free 30 days-term has expired? If so, perhaps it would be better to visit Shimkent, Turkestan and Aktau within the 30 days following my arrival, meaning I'll need to go back to Kazakhstan immediately after my stay in Kyrgyzstan, heading then to Uzbekistan, then Tajikistan, before returning to Kyrgyzstan where I shall fly back home.

What is more recommended: going to Tajikistan after my stay in Kyrgyzstan? Or at the contrary, heading back to Kazakhstan and keeping the Pamir for the end?

I hope I have been clear enough.

Thanks and take care
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Re: Planning my itinerary

Postby KrisKelvin » Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:57 am


It's very important for me to know, as I need to plan the next of my journey and my return flight asap.
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Re: Planning my itinerary

Postby Jealgu » Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:20 am

There is a Kazakhstan visa page which answers your 2nd quedtion.

I would want to do the pamirs asap as it only gets colder.

Your first question is too broad. What are your interests, mode of transport etc? But you could fill two months in Tajikistan only. You will need to make choices, but you will also need to make them if you stay 6 months.
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