Car rental from Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan to Bishkek or Almaty

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Car rental from Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan to Bishkek or Almaty

Postby Glecko » Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:13 pm

Good day! :D

First of all, great page and great forum! It has been very helpful for our trip planning. First day on the forum, I'm sorry if I post this topic on a wrong board.

I'm planning a trip with some friends to central asia. Our initial idea was to start in Ashgabat and end in Almaty or Bishkek.

From what we have seen, Turkmenistan has a whole lot of a different situation than the other countries, so we started to assume that it won't be possible to rent a car there and return it somewhere else. However, we still hope it will be possible to rent the car somewhere in Uzbekistan and return it in Almaty or Bishkek. Plenty of hours of research have, however, not shown any car rentals that suit this trip.

Does someone know about a car rental company or particular that would allow us to rent a car in Uzbekistan (preferably in the west) and return it in Almaty or Bishkek?

Thanks a lot in advance! :)
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Re: Car rental from Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan to Bishkek or Almaty

Postby steven » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:51 am

No, that is not possible AFAIK.

Car rental in Uzbekistan has only been allowed for a year or 2 so the market is not well developed. It's much easier to start in Kyrgyzstan where the market is well developed, and you have companies who can pick up your car even in other countries, for a surcharge.

Turkmenistan: no rental available and no foreign car company will let you drive their car there.
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