When to start - Mongolia / route suggestions

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When to start - Mongolia / route suggestions

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Hallo Comunity,

what about your proposals concerning starting time and route to Mongolia:

We plan to ride to Mongolia with our 4x4 Camper in 2021. Our time is not limited - as we can start as early as we want. What is fixed is, unfortunately, our arrival date. We have to be back in Germany by the end of August 2021.

One route should involve Turkey, Georgia (Aserbeidschan, Armenia??), Kasachstan, perhaps Tadschikistan or Usbekistan and finally Mongolia.
One route woud be straigt Ukraine, Russia, Mogolia. In Mongolia we plan to stay for maybe 6 weeks (enough?).

We coud - theoretically - start as early as we want. Even in autumn 2020, but then we would experience Winter, which is not a good idea.

What about your suggestions? How would you plan the tour. The fast route retour and the more southern route towards Mongolia or vice versa?
Do you think 6 Month are to ambitious?

Thanx for reading and even more thanx for answering...


Of course I read the forums about weather conditions in each region - but I´fail to combine all the information and get a clue to work out an itinerary.
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