Central Asia July to September 2021

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Central Asia July to September 2021

Post by Timo77 »

Hey guys my name is Tim, I'm a traveler, a hitchhiker and above all a lover of the world

Last year while planning a trip to central Asia I got stuck in India because of covid. Now it seems like it's possible to go there again.

I'll be arriving from Beirut through Istanbul (transiting for 2h) , the Uzbek embassy in France say that people arriving from Istanbul will be subject to quarantine (it got updated on the 9th of June) .. There's a few reports here from people that arrived from Istanbul saying they just had to do pcr at tashkent airport (it was before the update though), so I just wanted to know if anyone had done it since the 9 th ? If not I'll be very happy to share about my own upcoming experience :p

Next question is about the (potential) re opening of Pamjakent - Samarkand border on the 15th of June, is it only Taj to Uzb or both ways ? Since I plan to go to Tajikistan by land that'd be fantastic if the land borders could be crossed from the Uzbek side

If the land border isn't open a flight is an option i'll consider

And finally, last but not least, what are the 32 nationalities eligible to cross the Bor dobo border from Tajikistan to kyrgyzstan ? I saw people mentioning it a few times in the topics but couldn't find the official list in there

Sorry in advance if my questions have been answered before

Wishing you all a pleasant and beautiful day
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Re: Central Asia July to September 2021

Post by steven »

Hi Tim, Caravanistan is more than just the forum, there is also a travel guide. On every page of the travel guide at the bottom is a banner with a link to our coronavirus update page. That's where you find a lot of info, like the 32 nationalities. https://caravanistan.com/coronavirus

With regards to Panjakent - Samarkand, we have no info. We don't know if it will open, that is just a rumour that may or may not be true.

About quarantine from Istanbul, I don't know what the rule is these days
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Re: Central Asia July to September 2021

Post by Aish_aish_baby »

Hi everyone, similarly to Tim, I am planning to visit Central Asia in September with my partner. I just wanted a general opinion on the feasibility of the trip and what is recommended considering the global COVID-19 situation- aka not just VISA entry but also the general ethics of where to visit given the pandemic and most simple route to avoid having to quarantine in any country. We are from the UK and only one of us will be double vaccinated (I was only offered the vaccine this week (Moderna) and will have to wait 8 weeks but I contracted COVID only a month ago if that helps for any alternative to not being double vaccinated). We were thinking of flying into Tashkent and then moving to Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan (depending on simplicity of the route) and ending in Almaty. I really love this website and have read many of your pages throughout lockdown when I have been missing travelling. The pages are great information sources about individual travel to each country and breakdowns of VISAs but I suppose I am just posting this to find a more complete picture of what kind of route someone could recommend for travelling around Central Asia as we have never been to this region before. Any advice about which countries are the easiest to travel through/the most ethical/the top sights to be seen would be really really appreciated! We were planning to visit in 2020 and I really hope we will be able to make this year! Thank you for helping a big newbie and thank you for creating this website!
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