Kyrgyzstan August-September 2022

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Kyrgyzstan August-September 2022

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Hi all!

Myself and a friend are planning our trip for late August through early September, and are getting a little stuck with transport options from Naryn - Osh. The plan is that after visiting Kol Suu Lake - Tash Rabat, we will finish up in Naryn and make our way to Osh to get down to the Sary Moghul area.

There is limited information out there on what the roads are like for this trip and what transport options are available. Would be grateful to get an idea of what is out there, costs etc. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Kyrgyzstan August-September 2022

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Hi, I messaged the CBT for Naryn when trying to plan a Kol Suu trip. They may be able to help you.
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Re: Kyrgyzstan August-September 2022

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Some days ago I met a guy who traveled from Naryn to Kazarman by shared taxi, then onwards to Jalalabad with another shared taxi, and to Osh with shared taxi number 3 - all in one (very long) day.

I myself went from Kyzart / Song Kol to Jalalabad, but as it was sunday, my options for hitchhiking were limited, and the shared taxi goes only to Chaek and runs only on 3 weekdays. So I did a mix of hiking and hitchhiking from Kyzart to Chaek (gravel road, but no serious potholes), then I was lucky to be picked up by a family in a SUV on their way home to Kazarman. This was the best asphalt road of all Kyrgyzstan in the spectacular landscape of Naryn canyon.

In Kazarman there was no shared taxi going on sunday afternoon, so the nice family took me in. On monday morning I took the shared taxi to Jalalabad, on a cruel gravel road over the mountains (4 hours, 1.000 som). Once again spectacular landscapes, but brace yourself for the ride!

From Jalalabad to Osh marshrutkas and taxis run frequently.

Safe travels!
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