Almaty -> Karakol -> Bishkek

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Almaty -> Karakol -> Bishkek

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Hi everyone,
We are 4 young Belgian boys planning to travel through central asia for 23 days starting 1 september
Here is our itinary :
Almaty-Alty emel-Charyn canyon- border crossing after Kegen-Karakor-Enilchek (7 days trekking to go and back to base camp)-Karakol-Jeti Oguz-Kotchor-Lake Song Kol(3 days trekking or horse riding in the area)- Cholpon Ata- Bishkek

First question: Due to a lack of time we where thinking about buy-in a 4X4 in Almaty and sell it three weeks later in Bishkek. Long long does it take at a administrative level to buy and sell a car ? more than one day ? Is it easy to cross the Kirghi border with a car we bought in Almaty ? ( budget of 1600 euros for the car)

Second question: Does anyone have information about the Khan Tengri base camp at the and of the glacier from Enilchek ? Will it be already close around the 12 of september ? And how is the road quality from Karakol to Enilchek and how long does it take ?
We plan to have a tente, technical food and cooking equipment as well as warm clothes for the trek as we heard it could froze during night up there.
If the trek to Enilchek is not possible we plan to visit instead, lake Kolsai in Kazakstan and a 3 days trekking around Ala Kul lake south of Karakul

Is there a summit higher than 5000m that we can climb without any permit our tour organization if we have a tente boot and crampons ? After summiting a already 2 summit of 5000m in Nepal and Georgia, we are really eager to do it again in Kirghizistan

If you have any advise or recommandation it will be a pleasure to hear from you.
Thank you in advance,
Gauthier Alexandre
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Re: Almaty -> Karakol -> Bishkek

Post by steven »

1. It will take much more than a day to buy a car in Kazakhstan, let alone without any knowledge of Russian. Also, your budget of 1600 euros will not be able to buy you a functioning car, let alone one that will stay in one piece on the road to Song Kol. So buying a car is out. Second option is renting a car. It's not cheap in Kazakhstan, a bit cheaper in Kyrgyzstan. You can check out options at Third option is public transport and shared taxis. Shared taxis are not a bad deal since you can fill up a car with the 4 of you.

2. I have never been there so cannot give any good info on that. Would love to hear your experiences, though, once you are done. But get in touch with a local tour operator to get some more info, I believe the camp is run by Ak Sai travel so they should know best. Here is a blog post I will shortly republish on Caravanistan about Inylchek ... yrgyzstan/
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