Uzbekistan - 16 days

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Uzbekistan - 16 days

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Hi all!
Happy to be back in Belgium after 16 days in Uzbekistan. (25/08/2017 > 9/09/2017).
Sharing our itinerary in order to help you while planning your trip. This is only describing our moves and stays - nothing more.

Arriving in Tashkent - Stayed at Hotel Grand Orzu (less than 5' from the airport) and visited Chorsu Bazar and changed money.
Also arranged train for the next day, this is indeed the most stressful moment of taking the train in Tashkent.
26/08 > Urgench
Strolling around Amir Timur Square & getting ready for 17h train trip through the Kyzylkum Desert overnight arriving in Urgench in order to visit Khiva
27/08 > Khiva
Very nice atmosphere as we had the feeling - we were alone in the ancient centre. Visited the local bazar and had lunch 'chu chava' somewhere next to the fruits & vegetables. They fixed my sneakers at the bazar. Hotel Orient Star
28/08 > Ayaz Qala Fortress > Bukhara
Stopped random drivers in order to visit the fortresses in the desert and continued to Bukhara. Hotel ASL - negotiated a good rate.
29/08 > Exploring Bukhara
Found a nice hotel somewhat further > Hotel Hovli Poyon
30/08 > Sentyob (Trekking Nurata Mountains)
More Bukhara exploring. We left to Sentyob late in the afternoon. We arrived late in Sentyob. Very long drive! First shared taxi to Navoi afterwards drive to Sentyob.
Sentyob trekking & exploring. Stayed over in a 'guesthouse'. Very friendly - English was again not known.
Leaving to Samarkand around mid-day. Found someone that could take us to Djizzakh and then we could join a shared taxi to Samarkand. Hotel Marokand (same owners as Hotel Hovli Poyon)
Samarkand strollings - Bibi Khanum Mosk etc..
Samarkand strolling - Registan etc.. & leaving to Tashkent and Ugum-Chatkal National Park. Difficult to find a hotel near Lake Charvak.
We had to stay at a resort (100USD!) CHAROS HOTEL
We enjoyed the pool at Charos Hotel and went for walks near the lake while looking for cheaper hotels that could provide us a registration.
5/09 > Chimgan
Going higher near the Greater Chimgan - again not many hotels - we stayed in a DACHA - a small little house around Chimgan Village.
6/09 > Hotel Beldersoy
Going further towards the mountains - great walks and views - but hotels are pretty rare and we stayed at Hotel Beldersoy (100USD) but the location is quite fantastic. Take the cable lift up to 2500-2800m.
7/09 > Tashkent
Enjoyed the pool & the weather for a relaxed two days in Ichan Qala Hotel (again near airport)
8/09 > Airport from Ichan Qala - around 7500 SUM. (less than 1 EUR).

This is it!
Matthieu Serck & Margaux
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