Advice on traveling Silk Road in October?

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Advice on traveling Silk Road in October?

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Hi all! :D

I’ve been reading up in Silk Road itineraries and I’m planning on going there late September and the full month of October. Countries currently on my list are Kazachstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and possibly Uzbekistan/Turkmenistan (if time allows). I’m planning to do at least one big horse back trip and driving the Pamir Highway, as well as several shorter hikes into the mountains.

Question is; will the weather still allow for reasonably comfortable traveling? I can handle cold but I’d love to stay in yurts and enjoy the outdoors without freezing my balls or missing out on stuff that makes this region so great. Or just being the only traveler around in town and hostels.

Would love to get some advice.
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Re: Advice on traveling Silk Road in October?

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Seasonal yurts will likely be gone from everywhere, though you may be able to stay at some fixed tourist yurt camps near Issyk-kul and Karakol.

I was in the region during the time you're considering, and at least the year I was there it was quite comfortable during the days though literally freezing during the nights (in mid to late October in the Tajik Wakhan and the Fanns). Uzbekistan (and Osh) and Turkmenistan will be the warmest by far (i.e., no longer boiling), and should be left for last. Going south from Kazakhstan through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan makes the most sense to me. You won't be the only traveler around by any means.
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