Mini buses from Bishkek To Balykchy

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Mini buses from Bishkek To Balykchy

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Does anyone know the timetable for minibuses from Bishkek to Balykchy? I’m arriving at 5.30am at the airport and want to get To Balykchy as soon as possible. I presume I need to get to a bus station in Bishkek. Thanks Jo
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Re: Mini buses from Bishkek To Balykchy

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There is no timetable for marshrutkas, they leave when full.
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Re: Mini buses from Bishkek To Balykchy

Post by Venelin »

If you travel on a budget, you can take the marshrutka 380 from just in front of the airport all the way to the Western Bus Station (Zapadniy avtovokz'al) for 40 KGS and take the first marshrutka from there. If you arrive that early in the morning, there will be plenty of marshrutka from the airport leaving frequently because they act as suburban transport, as well, and they take around 40-50min. Once there, it will still be quite early in the day and you can expect to leave rather quickly, maybe waiting for some 30min to fill up the minibus.
There are also shared taxis in front of the bus station, outside, that do the same routes. For Balykchy the shared taxi might be faster, as the road is very good and the driver might go faster than the marshrutka (e.g. 2:30 hours vs 3 hours). The price could be around 300KGS, compared to around 200KGS for the marshrutka. If you are the last person to fill up the taxi of 4 passengers and the car is not awfully small for you, you can save a lot of time this way.
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