Khiva and qalas in one day

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Khiva and qalas in one day

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I have a plan to spend 1,5 day in Samarkand (not changeable), then 2 days in Bukhara, and 1 day in Khiva and then I need to go back to Tashkent. However, now I am thinking to also visit the qalas around Urgench. I arrive at Urgench at 10am and leave 22:35. From my research everyone recommends 2 days in Bukhara and 1 in Khiva, that's why I was planning it that way. I am not really a city person in general, but obviously the architecture in Uzbekistan is outstanding.
I have two questions:
1. Is it possible to see qalas in a few hours from Urgench after I arrive and visit Khiva in the afternoon or it's too rushed? I feel like I might be all mosqued out by that time. I guess I would need to get a private car - any recommendations? I would like to have one waiting for me on the train station if possible.
2. Should I change the plan and only stay 1 day in Bukhara instead of 2, and spend 2 days in Khiva which will allow me to spend a full day there and a full day exploring what is around (qalas)?
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Re: Khiva and qalas in one day

Post by steven »

good question. If you have no interest in getting up to Nukus or Moynaq, I'd say you can do it all in one day. Arrive in Urgench, drive to the qalas, get back to Khiva, spend a few hours roaming the city in the best temperature and light, then get back on the train.

Khiva is really small. Bukhara has a lot more sights.

Let us know what you ended up doing and if you felt you made the right choice. That will be useful for others in the future.
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