When will Azerbaijan open its borders?

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Azerbaijan Georgia border

Post by Rochelnomaden »

There is some weird stuff going on. So much noise, little solid information.

Swiss here, travelling by car, right now in Bishkek.

Looking for the best way back, read about the guy who crossed AZ-GE by Motorcycle after having taken the ferry from KZ to AZ.

Wanted to confirm that the Landborder in the Direction of Georgia is still open, went to the AZ embassy in Bishkek and the embassador told me that the border is closed.

Does anyone have facts / further Information on the AZ-GE bordercrossing?
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Re: Azerbaijan Georgia border

Post by Travelgian »

Confirmed by the Azerbaijan embassy in Berlin today (Sunday!?!): Azerbaijan can only be entered by plane.
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Re: Azerbaijan Georgia border

Post by toful »

extended again until 1 may.
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