Izboskan border crossing UZ-KG

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Re: Izboskan border crossing UZ-KG

Postby JulienFR » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:58 pm

Hi !

Two frenchies crossing on the 29/08/19.
There is just one baggage check on Uzbek side (they seemed to be looking thoroughly at the screen this time...), two quick passport checks and one official for the stamp out.
Their is no baggage check on the Kyrgyz side and the guards where nice but clearly better things to do than check our passports!

- We cleared both customs in a total of 15mn, it was around 9:30am and it was not packed.
- We changed money in the street with a guy just before crossing at approximately the same rate than international rates.
- The taxi ride from the center of Andijan was лв30 000.
- As said in the previous posts, the name of the border is Medaniyat, as is the name of the city on the display at the entrance. The locals don't know about an Izboskan border (although the name on the map is Izboskan).
- Still only pedestrians and cyclists
- Really easy to hitchhike after the Kyrgyz border!


Sarah & Julien
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Re: Izboskan border crossing UZ-KG

Postby royalenfield » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:20 pm

just went today.. i can confirm it's only pedestrian.. so off we continue to the Osh (Dostuk) border, to cross KG to UZ and back to renew car permit
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