Irkeshtam - Kashgar SELFDRIVE border crossing

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Irkeshtam - Kashgar SELFDRIVE border crossing

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We crossed this border on May 27th.
2 Travellers, German passports & 2 motorbikes, German license plates.
All Times are Bishkek, not Bejing.

Of course we did everything necessary to enter PRC.
Arranged a Agency/guide, Visa etc

The Agency told us to be at the Chinese Checkpoint ad early as possible.

We left Sary Tash at 8am, arrived at KGZ Border at 9:00.
Passed the trucks waiting....
Business as usual, 30 Minutes and we we're ready.

Proceeded to PRC Border. 2 Passport Checks, arrived at Border Checkpoint at 9:50.

Drive right of the 'X-ray tunnel'. Bring your luggage in but NOT your motorbike panniers (even If the officer says so).
Baggage will be scanned. Just Like at an airport.
Hand over all electronic devices: Netbook, GoPro, Camera .... and all memory cards. And your passport.
Biometric Pic taken
Phone will be searched, espionage App is installed.
Received the electronic devices Back.
Unfortunately our guide did appear 90 minutes too late.
Until He arrived exactly NOTHING Happened.

Around an hour later the Guide has been in customs office... And we COULD Ride to the Motorbike x-ray..... But the 3 hours Lunch Brake Starts.

After spending 3 hrs at a 'restaurant', in the Guides Car, taking some Pics.... Desperately searching a toilet (... Behind the building with the Restaurant..... Do what you have to.... Biohazard) the Border reopens.

Both motorbikes are x-rayed....all is mailed to a superior authority.
Waiting for one more hour.
One Bike Had to be scanned again.
Received the passports back.

It's about 6 PM.

Starring the 142 km ride to Uluqat where the real Border Checkpoint & Immigration is
Arriving there around 7:30pm, (9:30pm Bejing time)

Immigration: Fill Out a Card. Fingerprints taken. Biometric Pic taken. Luggage scanned.
Finally Immigration stamp in passport.

Guide gives you a ride to Kashgar (100 km / 2hrs).
3 Checkpoints on the way. Each at least 20 Minutes, including Phone search, Pics taken, passport check.

Arrival at Hotel around 10pm / midnight Bejing time.


Next days:

Guide bring's you Back to Uluqat.....2 Checkpoints
Waiting at devastated 'shopping arcade' for 5 hrs.
Papierwork done(I guess, No clue what happened inside the customs compound). We enter the compound, our panniers are searched. We Ride Back to Kashgar, following the Guides Car.
3 Checkpoints. One insists on searching/scanning complete luggage again.

Arrival at Hotel at 6pm.

Our Personal thoughts, written as diplomatic as possible:
Do avoid China.
It's an Orwellian Nightmare, a fuckin' oppressive Police state.
First country I've been to I will Not enter again, not even If you would pay me for doing so.

There's nothing you muss at all. Landscapes, culture ..... everything can be seen in the 'Stans.

As Afghan Visa are available at Khorog Consulate, including motorbike permit, we strongly suggest going from Tajikistan to Pakistan via Kabul / Khyber Pass.
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