Ishkashim border crossing (and market): open or closed?

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Ishkashim border crossing: open or closed?

Post by murg »

CapnAvocado wrote:Hey!

Has anyone got any recent information about the border market and the possibility of crossing into the Afghan side of town on a Tajik visa?
I've been to Khorog 2 weeks ago.
The Afghan Market takes place there, close to the Airport.
In my opinion it is not worth visiting it.

No crossing to Afghanistan with Tajik visa.

At the Afghan consulate in Khorog you can get a Visa.
You also can get a permission to enter with a foreign licensed vehicle.
I have seen the visa, issued to an Australian, and the permission for his kazakh registered motorbike.

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Re: Ishkashim border crossing: open or closed?

Post by togreiser »

Does anyone have some updated information (2019) about safety and border crossing? Any information is appreciated. I'm planning on doing a daytrip with visa in September.
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Re: Ishkashim border crossing: open or closed?

Post by jacoblab1 »

I crossed it back into Tajikistan yesterday. No safety issues and very friendly border guards. Afghan guards even took selfies with me, and didn't mind if I took photos at the border crossing area.
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Re: Ishkashim border crossing: open or closed?

Post by devonys »

Border market was closed on August 24, 2019, with conflicting reports as to why (maybe “trouble”, maybe holiday). Was open the prior weekend according to guest house, and likely to be open next weekend.
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Re: Ishkashim border crossing: open or closed?

Post by steven »

An article about the newly re-opened (or not?) Ishkashim border market: ... ichkachim/
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