Border crossing reports: Cildir/Aktas-Kartsakhi (Turkey-Georgia)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Georgia/Turkey border just east of the Sarpi Black Sea Border = Real?

Postby ojones » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:57 am

Wiki doesn't list it either. Pretty sure it's not real.
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Re: Georgia/Turkey border just east of the Sarpi Black Sea Border = Real?

Postby jelger » Wed May 02, 2018 10:00 am

If you zoom in, you'll see the alleged road runs through what looks like a private estate. I doubt there is an actual road. At most just a track.

No matter which way, there's no checkpoint, so even if one can actually drive here, it would be an illegal passage.
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Re: Georgia/Turkey border just east of the Sarpi Black Sea Border = Real?

Postby adi » Thu May 17, 2018 10:37 pm

There are two totally legit backdoors from Turkey into Georgia:

1) 30 km from the Turkish Posof on route E691/D995 to the crossing at 41°35'16,1" N, 42°49'06.6" E thence Vale in Georgia, continue on ს8 10 km to the nearest town Akhaltsikhe.
Alas you'll need your own vehicle or taxi (no problem in these parts of the world, just bargain with the Turks).

2) reopened in 2015 border between Çıldır (mini buses from/to) and Georgian Aktas-Kartsakhi. (41°14'05,8" N, 43°12'03.9" E)
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Re: Border crossing reports: Cildir/Aktas-Kartsakhi (Turkey-Georgia)

Postby DouglasF » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:38 am

We crossed yesterday from Georgia to Turkey self-driving (USA passport holders with Turkey vehicle plates) without any problems. It was 12:00 noon on a Thursday and I saw no other cars crossing in either direction, and just a few large lorries. Leaving Georgia we just drove up to the window, stayed in our car, and got our passports stamped to exit. Entering into Turkey we had to leave our car at Passport Kontrol to get stamped into Turkey, then only the driver passed through in the vehicle while passengers enter through a turnstile on foot to rejoin the car. There was a small duty free open, toilets and a small café, but many other areas/shops were closed. Seems like they expected much more traffic when this post was built/updated a few years ago. We then pulled up to a vehicle inspection window and had to present our vehicle registration papers. Our car was then checked and we passed through another gate. There was one final gate to cross where we presented our 2 passports again, told them our car plate number, and then we were waved through into Turkey. Very little English spoken - one man knew some English at the vehicle registration post, and the Georgian officer knew English and Russian (which we speak).
Overall, a very easy, uncrowded crossing.

NOTE - we had crossed the other direction 3 days earlier using the Posof-Vale border crossing in our same car (going to visit Vardzia, Georgia). No problems there, but a little more traffic than the Cildir/Aktas site. We have crossed once at Hopa/Sarp and there is a LOT more traffic and wait there, both foot traffic, bus passengers, lorries and self-drivers.
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