Coronavirus border closures & re-openings

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by appelyoghurt »

British, but have not been in the uk for 9 months
As a British citizen you should be able to enter with just checks over the phone: ... tan/health. I would contact your embassy in Kyrgyzstan.
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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by Danieljones1905 »

Yeah we thought that too! This was not the case at the actual border. Hospital isolation was the only option give to us.
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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by Inken »

The Quarantine in Russia is expanded to most big cities now and it seems to be enforced by check at your place of residence.
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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by jac »

Georgia is enacting a ban on 18 March for all foreign nationals... Land, sea, air borders are closing for two weeks (for now), exceptions for Georgians, diplomats, aid workers, and family of.

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Tajikistan expert
Tajikistan expert
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COVID-19 updates for Central Asia and the Caucasus

Post by Christian77 »

Eurasianet now has a regularly updated page with general news, government announcements, health updates, quarantine policies and border regulations related to the coronavirus:

This includes Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by CyclingAndre »

Leona wrote:... Has anyone been in contact with Aeroflot very recently? ...
Hi Leona,
Yes, I've been to the Aeroflot Office in Yerevan today. Flights via Moscow operate according to the standard time table. I was able to buy a ticket to Berlin from here.
They try to carry as many passengers as possible, but the number of destinations seems to be very restricted.
I couldn't get any flight to Munich, so had to head for Berlin...

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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by Marko52 »

Yar132 wrote:Today I got an email that my Azerbaijan E-visa is canceled. I’m now in Georgia. Is this a new policy?
Mine was cancelled yesterday too, "in accordance with Article 16 of Migration Code of Republic of Azerbaijan". AZ government has suspended issuing visas for at least 45 days, and (apparently) indefinitely for e-visas. A "covid-19 free" certificate is practically impossible to obtain within the stipulated 72 hours prior to arrival in AZ (or anywhere). Basically, it's a case of waiting this thing out and trying again once there's a more 'normal' set of entry requirements back in place.
Related to this, the most up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of immigration restrictions I have been able to find is here: ... oronavirus
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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by HogoMogo »

Does anyone know if you can still get a Tajikistan e visa + GBAO. We are Romanian Citizen (so no high risk country) and are now in Kyrgyzstan. Our visa will finish here on the 4th of April. So we still have some time left.
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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by ensellevoyage »

Danieljones1905 wrote:Today we tried to cross from Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan without success at the osh/andijan border. We have been in Uzbekistan for 2 weeks, before that Kazakhstan for 1 day, Azerbaijan for 2 weeks. We have not been to any ‘high risk’ places. a few hours at the Kyrgyzstan passport control they told us we had to be quarantined in hospital for 14 days, despite passing all temperature controls. So we headed back to Uzbekistan, who initially would not let us back in! We Waited at the Uzbekistan border for an hour with no information and they eventually cancelled our exit stamp and allowed us back in!
What is your plan now ? We are in Samarcande right now, also planning to cross to Kirghizistan
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Re: Coronavirus border closures

Post by jacoblab1 »

I was able to fly into Bishkek last night and entered Kyrgyzstan without any issues. I'm a Canadian citizen and transited through Istanbul, so no contact with any highly infected countries.

On arrival in Bishkek, temperatures were checked before disembarking the airplane and then again right before customs. Because I am from a "Category 3" country, I was pulled off to the side. They double-checked the info I had filled out on the health statement form, and told me all was good. Not sure if I'll be checked up on or anything.
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