Tajikistan Covid re-opening Q&A

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Tajikistan Covid re-opening Q&A

Post by 04Morley »

Does anyone know if it is still possible to apply for visas at the moment? I understand land borders are closed but there are rumours it is possible to fly into Dushanbe. Thanks.
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Re: Tajikistan Covid re-opening Q&A

Post by steven »

From https://caravanistan.com/coronavirus/

While the IATA website says “Passengers are not allowed”, our partner in Tajikistan says the following: Airports are open. Travelers can fly in to Tajikistan through Dushanbe Airport via Turkish Airlines and flyDubai.

The main problem is obtaining an (e-)visa. We can handle the issue through our partners’ contacts – get in touch if you need one. Land borders remains closed. From Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan it is open but Tajikistan customs do not let in and out.

Likewise, the Tajikistan tourism board says: Tajikistan is open for those with a negative test result before flying. Flight availability is limited but will improve as the year continues and companies restart their normal schedules.
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Re: Tajikistan Covid re-opening Q&A

Post by Christian77 »

The latest news, in Russian: https://asiaplustj.info/ru/news/tajikis ... ptsr-testa

Ministry of Health guy: "Tajikistan will allow foreigners to enter the country without a Covid-19 test result if they have a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus...."

But...this only applies if you had the vaccination more than one month previously. If it's within a month, then you will need the negative test results.

So, get the vaccine, wait one month, and then go to Tajikistan. Based on my experience showing medical (and other) documents to bureaucrats in Tajikistan, the fancier, more colorful and official-looking your proof-of-vaccine document, the better it is. Stamps help. Crappy laboratory print-outs that look like you wrote it yourself in a text editor are frowned upon and may delay you.

No other info was made available in the announcement (e.g., about land border). And, as usual, I only believe it after several people have confirmed it by doing it.
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