Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by Van_Gogh »

Crossed the border from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan without any problems with my own car.

The exit from Tajikistan is straightforward, took less than 30 minutes for everything.

Uzbek side was crowded, but I was allowed to skip the line. Just wave around with your passport and say "tourist". Car wasn't searched, but one officer wanted to charge 7,000 sum for the desinfection. He showed me a piece of paper with official stamps and the prices for different processes, but I refused to pay as I haven't paid anything when I entered Uzbekistan from Turkmenistan. He did not discuss with me and let me go, because it's clear that it is a fake.
I didn't need to fill out a declaration.
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Bus between Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Khodjent (Tadjikistan)

Post by smoke-bellew »

I confirm the existence of a bus between Tashkent and Khodjent.
It is taken to the bus station of Sobir Rahimov near the subway of the same name
The price in july 2018 is 50000 sums
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by robert »

Crossed from UZ to TJ with our own car.

On Uzbek side we had an interesting situation: we didn't give the car documents to the border post, and he didn't ask for them. It took him very long, he had a phone call and discussions with his colleagues, but he didn't talk to us about it. In the end, they let us go without the car. At customs, they noticed their error. We had to go to the other side to stamp in again, then stamp out with the car on the exit side. So it seems that, at least in theory, you can leave Uzbekistan without taking your car with you.

Tadjik side was quick and easy. However, they asked for 10 USD for "disinfection", but let us go without paying after brief discussion.
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by MarieEmilie »

Crossed the Oybek border today. Went with the direct bus from Tashkent to Khudjent (50 000 som, from Tashkent Avtovokzal near the Olmazar metro station, it's not the Sabir Rahimov shared taxis station as mentionned in other posts, the name on maps.me is Tashkent avtovokzal). Took 3 hours in total. Ouzbek border : they only checked my passport, visa and stamped it. Just put the backpack on the xray, nothing more (didn't ask for any registration). Tadjik side : they only checked passport + visa, didn't check any bags, didn't ask any question. Super smooth and quick !
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by RICKYbauer »

Can you tell me when the bus leave from Tashkent station to Khujand? it was very early?
I have checked all pieces of information that I can, unfortunately, it is not mentioned.
So thank you if you can tell me more details about the timetable
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by B7474U3 »

I used this crossing in both directions earlier in the month. It was straight-forward in both directions, taking no more than 15 minutes (there were no queues / trucks / coaches...etc when I crossed).

All staff I encountered on both the Uzbek side and Tajik side were polite and professional.

There were a lot of people on both the Uzbek side and Tajik side offering taxi services. I didn't enquire as I already had transport booked.
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by yaqinisme22 »

I crossed this border from Khujand to Tashkent. I used a bus from Abreshim bus station in Khujand. It departs every morning at 8 am. It costs 50 somoni to go to Tashkent avtovakzal. Be ready to face a long queue in both Tajik and Uzbek sides. I spent 2 hours just to cross this border. Usually, the bus will arrive in Tashkent at 1 pm.
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by Blindcapitals »

Tried to take the bus today Sep 11 from Tashkent bus station and they said no bus today,. First person I asked said no bus tomorrow or day after and didn't know when next bus would be. I phoned up and lady said none today and didn't know if there would be one tomorrow. Bear in mind my Russian is pretty basic, couldn't get to why, she just said she didn't know. Taxi drivers offering me 250,000 to khojand, just me... Didn't really trust the . Still figuring out what to do
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Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by Tomas »

We took the metro to Tashkent Bus station, about a week ago, to buy a ticket on the direct bus to Khujand. We were told there were no buses the following days. Not sure if the bus still runs. However, the trip to Khujand was still easy enough. Taxi (or maybe it was a private car..😁) to Kuyluk Bazar, then a bus (a big one) to Oybek border. Plenty of moneychangers on the Uzbek side. No waiting at the border - everything went smoothly. Then another 'semi-big' bus from the Tajik side to the outskirts of Khujand. Finally, a local bus into the center of town. No need for private taxis. Go as the locals and the trip is dirt cheap.

Don't forget to go and say hi to Lenin when in Khujand. 😉
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