Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

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Re: Tashkent (UZ) to Khujand (Tajik.) by bus

Post by ChrisD »

I travelled by bus from Tashkent to Khujand on 11 May 2019 and documented the trip in my blog with maps and pictures of how to buy your ticket and where to catch the bus.
https://chrisdesmond.org/2019/05/14/taj ... -may-2019/
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Re: Tashkent (UZ) to Khujand (Tajik.) by bus

Post by aldenn »

Did this trip earlier and was exactky as described above although I was able to my ticket from the main ticket offices in the terminal!
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Re: Tashkent (UZ) to Khujand (Tajik.) by bus

Post by Uzh »

I did it today from khujand to tashkent and it was absolutely no fun. At the border, 3 buses arrived at one time, which means a long wait. I crossed many many borders, this was one of the less pretty one.

The bus leaves at 8 o clock in khujand. At the tajik border there was a long line of people from the other buses waiting in the sun for entering the building. First there was discipline and the guards let every 5 minutes or so about 20 people in the building. But then some ladies tried to push and overtake others and it ended, that from now everybody tried to be next. So when the door opened it was a fight to get in, as everybody tried to get in next. It was absolutely chaos. I had to push too, otherwise i saw no chance to get in. While men showed some discipline and fairness, many women were really cheeky and routhless. Boarder guards first tried to organise the chaos, but had no authority, nobody wss listening to them.

Once inside the building the game goes on, not so chaotic, but still with little discipline.

On the usbekistan side the problem was, that all people had to take their baggage with them. So the lines where full of people and bags, so the building was very full, but thing worked here much better and people did not push anymore. It looks more chaotic then it was.

The guide of asianexpress tried to do his best to keep the group together.

Finally passing the border took more then 2 hours in the heat and it was no pleasure.

Maybe i arrived at a wrong time or had bad luck. So if you start in khujand, prepare you with water, a hat, sunny cream and a good mood and serenity.
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by yaqinisme22 »

I crossed this border from Khujand to Tashkent. I used a bus from Abreshim bus station in Khujand. It departs every morning at 8 am. It costs 50 somoni to go to Tashkent avtovakzal. Be ready to face a long queue in both Tajik and Uzbek sides. I spent 2 hours just to cross this border. Usually, the bus will arrive in Tashkent at 1 pm.
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by Blindcapitals »

Tried to take the bus today Sep 11 from Tashkent bus station and they said no bus today,. First person I asked said no bus tomorrow or day after and didn't know when next bus would be. I phoned up and lady said none today and didn't know if there would be one tomorrow. Bear in mind my Russian is pretty basic, couldn't get to why, she just said she didn't know. Taxi drivers offering me 250,000 to khojand, just me... Didn't really trust the . Still figuring out what to do
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Re: Tashkent (UZ) to Khujand (Tajik.) by bus

Post by IsabelleT14 »

Fair warning: Do not count on this bus being available every day. We went yesterday to get tickets for the bus today, and were told there was no bus today. The bus is totally dependent on whether it gets filled in Khujand and makes the journey back. Talking to the local people, it seems to be very variable in terms of when it is available and running. There weren’t even any ticket booths up when we went to the station on a Friday. We instead are taking a shared taxi from Quyliq bazar to the border (30,000 som/person. Can get from 25k/pax for lower quality car). We are then taking a shared taxi to Khujand (25 somoni/person)
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Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by Tomas »

We took the metro to Tashkent Bus station, about a week ago, to buy a ticket on the direct bus to Khujand. We were told there were no buses the following days. Not sure if the bus still runs. However, the trip to Khujand was still easy enough. Taxi (or maybe it was a private car..😁) to Kuyluk Bazar, then a bus (a big one) to Oybek border. Plenty of moneychangers on the Uzbek side. No waiting at the border - everything went smoothly. Then another 'semi-big' bus from the Tajik side to the outskirts of Khujand. Finally, a local bus into the center of town. No need for private taxis. Go as the locals and the trip is dirt cheap.

Don't forget to go and say hi to Lenin when in Khujand. 😉
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Tajikistan expert
Tajikistan expert
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Khujand-Tashkent (Oybek) report, July 2021

Post by Christian77 »

A tourist helpfully narrated his border crossing from Khujand to Tashkent. It's all in Hindi, but he seems to have had no problems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRUBCtb ... AJPUTJ%26K.

Here he is getting his Covid test results from a clinic in Khujand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_j5dTH ... AJPUTJ%26K.
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by Boris »

Just crossed this border a couple days ago (Mexican and Russian citizens) form Tj to Uz. No PCR test required IF YOU HAVE vaccination. Otherwise you can take one at the border. Not sure how much it is. Got a whole car for ourselves to Tashkent for 150 thsd Uz sum. The crossing didn't take long (around an hour).
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Re: Oybek - Buston (UZ-TAJ) border crossing

Post by missmax8 »

Yesterday, crossed the Oybek border from UZ -> TAJ. They didn't ask for PCR, nor vaccination. Crossing took 15 minutes.
Shared taxi from Tashkent -> border: 30'000 UZS per person
Shared taxi from border -> Khujand: 50 TJS per person
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