Iran travel safety Q&A

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Iran travel safety Q&A

Post by steven »

Not sure what you mean, quite a lot of advice on their page for non-dual citizens... The map is green except on the border. There is danger of flooding, terrorist attacks and demonstrations I read there.
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Re: Iran travel safety Q&A

Post by Tartine »

I can confirm that it's very safe. I am not UK/US though of course.

I would really encourage this country as a first time travel to Central Asia. people are friendly and there's so much to see. Been there twice already.
If you are a train fan (like me) you'll be happy to hear that the train to Turkey is back. Travel by train within Iran is also very nice, trains are comfortable and cheap especially by western standards...though they do get full very quickly!

There's some areas to avoid:
- Border with Irak and borders in general like in many countries. Holy city of Mashad is perfectly safe though.
- South-East (Balochistan) is not considered a safe place at all.
- South (Bandar Abbas - Kuzhestan) I would also consider seriously given the current situation.
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