favorite map apps

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favorite map apps

Post by minion »

recommendations on what you personally use for central asia? besides those listed here https://caravanistan.com/planning/map/

i have heard good things about Organic Maps. what about Gaia?
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Re: favorite map apps

Post by Christian77 »

Organic Maps is fine for city to city and town to town, with Google Maps being helpful only in cities when looking at restaurant reviews. For hiking it does not make much of a difference between the numerous competing apps, in Central Asia they are all using the same data source: Open Street Maps. If you want a free map app that doesn't charge $$ for good topographic/contour maps for hiking, try Mapy.cz

I use OsmAnd, but it's a clunky app with way too many manual settings for most people. I use it because I need some highly specialized info to be displayed.

In short: there are two sources of map data for mobile apps in Central Asia: Google and Open Street Map. So you really only need two map apps maximum.
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Re: favorite map apps

Post by willemspie »

For hiking, or possibly cycling in remote areas, I recommend you to download the old Soviet topographical maps which are available on different websites, i use maps.vlasenko.net (free of charge).
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Re: favorite map apps

Post by GoldenPolyglot »

I've managed to get by using only Google Maps. Strava sometimes shows trails that people have been on that may not show up on Google Maps. My wife loves AllTrails.
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Re: favorite map apps

Post by sjpeterken »

Anyone have used DMD2 in Central Asia?
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Re: favorite map apps

Post by Lutnistas1969 »

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Re: favorite map apps

Post by Kalpazan »

I use the paid version of OsmAnd. It takes some time to get used to it but it is otherwise very customisable and accurate especially when it comes to hiking. I read on their website the version for iOS is not as complete as for Android devices.
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