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Road quality in Xinjiang

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 4:57 am
by nsavir
I'm helping my friend plan a trip in Xinjiang and he's thinking about doing some driving. He was going to do the following itinerary:

Hotan -> Kashgar -> Aksu -> Kuqa -> Ili (Gulja)

I wasn't able to find any info online about the road quality in southern and western Xinjiang after searching around a bit. Maybe the best info is in Chinese language sites. Anyway, does anyone have experience driving on those roads? How is the road quality?

Re: Road quality in Xinjiang

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:58 am
by bwv812
Well, in order to self-drive in China you basically need to have a guide with you. You could probably ask the guide or agency when you arrange things.

When I was in Xinjiang in 2012 the roads were fine. Certainly better than you find in most of Central Asia, and I believe the Chinese are continuing to build new roads/highways and improve existing roads in the area, as is their wont. The only bad road in the region I've heard of was the KKH to Tashkurgan, which they were ripping up and replacing last year.

Re: Road quality in Xinjiang

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 2:48 pm
by nsavir
Thanks for your reply! Actually all the people on this trip are Chinese nationals, so I guess they have a better chance than most of working out a way to self-drive. But I'll leave that part to them!

Re: Road quality in Xinjiang

Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:22 pm
by Leelicious
Road quality in China?
Best roads I've seen in my whole life.
And that's no sarcasm