Korday border crossing reports (Almaty-Bishkek)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Korday border Kazakhstan

Postby Romed » Tue Sep 03, 2019 2:45 am

Thanks for the accurate advice, the whole trip was almost too easy.

We took a Yandex taxi from Bishkek to Korday, it was less than 500 KGS for the car. Exchanged money before the crossing after comparing of rates, the differences where significant.

Kyrgyz checkpoint was no hassle, but on the Kazakh side all hell broke lose. A lot of shoving and pushing to get to the counters, it was closer to a fistfight than a queue. Prepare to take it with humor and fascination, it is crazy.

Immediately after leaving the border area we found someone standing there and announcing "Shu/Tshu", he was the driver of a shared taxi where we paid 2000 KZT per seat. The other passengers paid 400 KGS, which was slightly more and he did not have change in KGS.

The crossing took about half an hour and we left there by 14:00, plenty of time left. Our train to Tashkent left from Shu at 00:01, there was a decent barbecue to the right of the hospital opposite of the train station, and also a okay hotel with hourly rates of 200 KZT per person inside the station.
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Re: Korday border Kazakhstan

Postby steven » Fri Dec 20, 2019 12:13 pm

The Korday border will be closed for reconstruction from January 2020 onwards. No end date has been proposed. Everyone will have to detour to nearby Ak-Tilek.

https://economist.kg/2019/12/20/v-yanva ... ka-kordaj/
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