Border crossings reports: Dostyk/Dustlyk (Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan)

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Re: Dostyk Crossing (Kyrgyzstan into Uzbekistan)

Post by Snooze22 »

We (couple) crossed the border on Monday morning from Osh to Andijan. In summary everything went extraordinarily smooth.

On the Kirgyz as well as on the Uzbekan side we could pass most of the respective (long) queues. Border guards as well as people waiting in the line waved us to pass after having recognized us as tourists.

On the Uzbek side, our passports were double checked and backpacks were scanned, but we did not have to open them. Neither did they check our pictures on camera/phone nor did they ask to see our medicine. They only asked, if we had porns on the mobile.. Then they asked some harmless questions like planned destinations, intended time of travels, profession etc. No need to fill any forms.

The atmosphere was friendly, they even gave advice on taxi prices to Andijan/Tashkent and told us to bargain ;)

Total time at the border less than 45min. One last thing: Money exchange booths in front of the Kirgyz side did offer the official stock exchange rate for Kirgyz som to Uzbek som (although the signs outside show quite bad rates).
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Re: Dostyk Crossing (Kyrgyzstan into Uzbekistan)

Post by marten568 »

We crossed from Andijan to Osh in our own vehicle in May 2018. Friendly guards on both sides and was a very smooth process. They had us skip the lines on both sides. 1000 som charged on Kyrgyz side (for eco tax I believe). They had us cross the border on foot to exchange dollars to som and coming back to pay the fee. No insurance sold at the border itself and we weren't told it was mandatory. Can also confirm we weren't asked about it upon exit to Tajikistan via Pamir Highway (same for Uzbekistan - we were never asked for insurance docs upon exiting). Overall an easy crossing.
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Re: Dostyk Crossing (Kyrgyzstan into Uzbekistan)

Post by Van_Gogh »

I can confirm what marten568 is saying, it's a nice border crossing. We asked on the Uzbek side if we could skip the line of the waiting cars and they let us.
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Re: Dostyk Crossing (Kyrgyzstan into Uzbekistan)

Post by babel »

I did the Dostyk border-crossing in this morning, arriving at ca. 9:40 on thy Kyrgyz side. Everything went smooth, I left the Uzbek control around 10:15 Kyrgyz time or 9:15 Uzbek time as there is a difference of one hour. No questions asked, only passport-control and x-ray of the luggage.

I was waved through as others told. In the beginning it was not clear at all to me where I could skip the line as there was virtually no space. After a few minutes locals queuing as well as border-crossing showed me the way: the same line where trucks went, even if I was the only pedestrian allowed to pass there. The normal line looked like a Basar with people carrying several fridges and other heavy stuff in the opposite direction - apparently importing them to Kyrgyzstan.

So if you are a tourist just look around you a little bit helpless and people Wii observe. Have a nice journey.
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Re: Dostyk Crossing (Kyrgyzstan into Uzbekistan)

Post by gkip »

I made this crossing on August 1, 2018 travelling from Fergana to Osh. I was told that the going rate for private taxis from Fergana to Dostyk is 120,000 UZS, although it is possible to negotiate this down to 80,000 UZS. In the end we paid 90,000 UZS for the journey. We were also told that there is a “foreigners first” policy in effect at the border as others have mentioned here. In our experience was very quick and smooth - we were through in less than 30 minutes. There was essentially just a handful of people exiting Uzbekistan and while there was an x-ray scan of our luggage it was clear no one was actually looking at what was in our bags and all the Uzbek officials were very friendly. There were about 30-40 people queuing outside the Kyrgyz immigration post, and those waiting in line waved us forward. The Kyrgyz officials were not so friendly but still no issues once the question of whether Canadians required a visa or not was sorted out. Lots of taxi drivers were waiting as we exited onto the Kyrgyz side hoping to give us a ride into Osh - based on local advice we negotiated 300 KGS to take three of us into the centre of Osh city, although we likely could have done better on this price. There are a number of money changing booths as you exit the Kyrgyz border post - in my experience the exchange rate for USD was pretty much the same as what is being offered by exchange bureaux in Osh city.
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Re: Dostyk Crossing (Kyrgyzstan into Uzbekistan)

Post by CianoH »

Got to this border late in the day but had no problems crossing with our own car. Quick car search and had to pay some eco tax to get into Kyrgyzstan. Plenty of transport and currency exchange options on the Kyrgyzstan side. Through the border in about 2 and half hours
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Re: Dostyk Crossing (Kyrgyzstan into Uzbekistan)

Post by kunibald »

Crossed in August from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan, absolutely no problem. No customs declaration, bags were not openend from the border police or customs. Foreigner first, people knew that and waved us through. You can go from Osh with Marschrutka, change your remaining Som into Sum a few hundred meters after the border for offical rate (just ask people hanging around there). There is a public bus going from the border to andijon every 20-30 minutes.
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Re: Dostyk Crossing (Kyrgyzstan into Uzbekistan)

Post by Granite2018 »

Crossed a few days ago, UZ-->KG. Mashrutka from Andijon to the border was 3,000 SOM, but took a fair while, almost 90 minutes.

Uzbek side was a breeze, bags through the Xray and then to the front of the passport queue, which was tiny anyway (very quiet a few days after New Year's Eve).

Fairly long queue on the Kyrgyz side, but the locals starting waving me forward before a border guard brought me right to the front of the queue.

Money exchange at pretty decent rates available on the Kyrgyz side.

I didn't see Bus #2 but tons of Mashrutka 138s, so I jumped in one of them. I don't think it runs past Osh Guesthouse but goes up towards Tes Hotel and the Lenin statue.

If you forgot to exchange all your Uzbek SOM at the border, there are plenty of money exchanges outside Hotel Pekin near the main bazaar (search in google maps). I changed my remaining SOM there at a decent rate.
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Re: Border crossings reports: Dostyk/Dustlyk (Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan)

Post by Emmmmmma »

Crossed the border from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan in 45 minutes a few days ago. A taxi drove me from the city center to the border for 200 SOM, which sounds a little expensive but my kirghize friend put me in the taxi and negociated the price for me so I guess I couldn't have done any better.
Then I walk a few meters and been told by the friendly officers to overtake all the locals which was a little awkward. Got my passport stamped and walked to the Uzbek border where everyone was smiley and friendly. They had a quick look at the medication I had and chatted for a short while. Then I found a shared taxi to Tashkent and payed 1000 SOM so I could get rid of the kyrgyz som that I still had. It took us nearly seven hours with two long breaks for food and tea. The driver dropped me at my hostel.
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Re: Border crossings reports: Dostyk/Dustlyk (Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan)

Post by vistetequenosvamos »

16/04/19 Border Dostuk Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan Dostuk.

From the center of Osh you can easily walk to the Kyrgyz border (5Km), if there is the option of "marshrutka" and the urban bus. We do not know prices, but on the way we saw them. They must be very cheap.

Easy and simple the exit of Kyrgyzstan at this checkpoint.

Uzbekistan since 1 February 2019 many EU nationals are exempt from visa. As Spaniards we do not need a visa. We did not declare anything in the entrance, no police checked our backpack or medication. Fast and easy processing. Police very kind and friendly.

To leave the border, we recommend hitchhiking to Andijan or taking the public bus (3000 soms/person). It is taken in the parking lot once you exit the custom on the right. If you do not have money, hopefully the driver will let you climb for free. It happened to us. When leaving there are many taxi drivers and money changers heavy.

We do not recommend changing money on the street. Banks have a better exchange rate and it is safer! It can be taken out of ATM.

We recommend going first to Andijan and from here, hitchhiking or transport to other cities. More economical than from the border.

We managed to find out information from the station near the Andijan train station:

-From Andijan to Tashkent: train or taxi. Taxis ask for 50000soms/person. The trains are a bit more expensive.
-From Andijan to Fergana: marshrutka to 7000soms/person.

We hope our experience serves other travelers,


Alberto and Sonia
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