Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Beshariq border crossing between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan below.

We summarize all info on the Tajikistan border crossings and Uzbekistan border crossings pages.
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Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by irishmcbride »

Went through this crossing a couple of days ago, was much smoother than anticipated, although time consuming.

Taxi from Fergana to the crossing took about an hour, after being arranged for us by Valentina (of Valentina's Guest House fame, highly recommended).

Once we arrived at the border, the place looked totally shut. Upon approaching the gate though, a guard came out and let us through, and directed us to a small building about 100m in. After waiting in there for a few minutes, another could of guards appeared, got the forms for us and put the Olympics on the TV for us whilst we filled out our details and had our bags searched.

Search was pretty easy going, they were interested in our books (one of them was pleased to be able to name the three musketeers!), pills, and had a look through all the photos on one of our phones.

After that, we moved into the passport hall and got stamped out pretty quickly, then it was off to the next gate, a cheerful goodbye with the guard there and off into Tajikistan.

Over there was pretty relaxed, once we'd filled in the immigration card, they stamped us in pretty quickly and escorted us over to the customs office.

The search there was very relaxed, they had a look at our bags and a quick feel of the outside of our bags, were happy to accept a haribo off us, and that was that.

Once out (after a quick sneaky photo of their sleeping dog), we got straight into a Marshrutka into Konibodom, got involved in some wedding photos on the road into town, and arrived at the bus station.

Managed to negotiate a taxi to Khujand for $10, and headed off at about Mach 5, took us 50 minutes.

All in all, a slow yet pretty relaxed border crossing, no real hassle at all. Guards on both sides were friendly and curious.
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by Aleco »

I did it as well, but with marshutkas from fergana city till Uzbek border and than sharing taxi from Tajik border till Dushanbe. Was pretty fine.
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by peitzu23 »

I did it the other way from Khujand, Tajikistan to kokand, Uzbek. With marshrutkas.

First in Khujand, get any marshrutka south bond on Linen street to avtostansia. Where marshrutkas going to border town Konibodom (also Isfara for Kyrgyz) it's 8 somoni/one hour journey. Once got to town change another marshrutka 2somoni to the border check point. The small shop nearby could change some somoni to Uzbek soms.

Leaving Tajikistan was easy. Walk to Uzbek side, first some "doctors" will write down your info from passport. Then go to the building of border guards. Fill up the form of declaration. They asked me to open my bag, I took out few stuff and he told me to put them back without touch anything. He checked my phone for a while, but not camera. The procedure wad easier than I thought. It's a very quiet border that I only saw four locals during the time.

Once out the check points. There's no transport nor taxis. I hitchhiked to a nearby town, where there's bus going to kokand for 500 soms. The people on the bus were very curious about foreigners. Left by nine in the morning and got there by two in the afternoon.
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by jokelele »

Hi all,

Just crossed one month ago. We left Valentina's guesthouse around 8.30 in the morning. We arranged a taxi with Valentina's husband! xD for around 100.000-125.000 SOM. Cannot remember 100%, sort of that. After getting lost 20-25min we arranged to get to the uzbekh side around 10.30h. There, no problem at all. NOBODY around, no cars, no mathruska, no-one. Uzbekh guards really really nice, even surprised what the h*** we were doing there. Even they asked us to show them our tajik visa, just for fun.In fact, we had an e-visa. So uzbekh side pretty smooth and easy.

Then, tajik side, not so easy. The guards they didnt have a lot of idea about the e-visa but in the end they stamped us without problem. in the tajik side, nobody around at all, no mathruska or any transport, so we were very politely "invited" to accept the offer of the guards of taking us to kanibodom by 100TAJ (12USD, and that, after negotiation because in the beginning they asked us for 20USD). First exchange office is some kms away from the tajik side. That was quite of an experience. With the 12 usd they invited us to beer -10am- and some bread...yep!!....
IMPORTANT. Do not forget to ask for the inmigration card...the guards they "forgot" to give us one... :(...No custom register in the tajik side

Then, in kanibodom mathruskha station, we took a shared taxi to Khujand for 1USD per person. Quite cool. Cheaper than mathruska. Trip is nice, with lake in the left side, and mountains in the right side..

Hope it helps u all..

2 spanish people, e-visa for tajik, multiple visa for uzbekistan
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by Wahlsted »

The border is closed!

I wanted to cross the Beshariq border crossing yesterday on the way from Khunjad to Kokand. The taxi drivers we wanted to agree a price with tried to say that the border is closed. Then the manager(?) at nearby Grand hotel, who spoke English, helped us to call and confirmed that the border is closed to foreigners. We had to cross at Oybek and make the long detour via Angern.

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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by Jockel »

Hi all,

Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley) between Kokand and Kanibodon/Khujand is possible. I passed today (30. June 2017) with my car wirhout problems. Uzbek border control checked three times all my registration slips. At Tajik side I had to pay 25 USD for road tax and 5 $ for desinfection (i.e. driving through a water basin, before entering the border control area). Both controls lasted for 1 h each. Friendly guards on both sides.

Good luck to all of you
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by ilig »

Hi guys, just a quick update:

We also successfully crossed the border yesterday (Aug 20th 2017) from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan without any problems. We also saw other tourists as well as locals cross. Guards were pretty chill on both sides, but some people in Khujand were surprised we made it. There was actually some confusion about whether the border was open or not. We also met people in Uzbekistan who told us we shouldn't risk trying. But, well... it worked, at least for now.
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by alexchan »

An update to share: I crossed today successfully, starting from Fergana. It was quite easy.

1) From Fergana, I walked to the taxis in front of Istiqlol Cake Shop. I found a yellow taxi that went to Besharik for UZS 15000 per person. I was really surprised it was same price as Kokand fare (UZS 15000) even though it is further. Also surprised it was a yellow taxi as most shared taxis are white. Very surprised I didn't have to negotiate. If you start in Kokand, maybe it will only be UZS 5000.

2) Besharik is the last town before the border at Andarhan, a further 15km along. The driver charged me an extra UZS 10000 on a private basis. Total journey from Fergana was about 2.5h due to detours dropping off other passengers.

3) On Uzbek side, officials checked my customs/currency declaration. Didn't ask to see/count money. Glanced through my backpack only. Didn't look at my camera. Did review my photos on my phone (only food porn). Then finally got stamped out on my passport. Total 15 mins, then walked across no man's land which took 2 minutes.

4) On Tajik side, took about 10 minutes because the man was slow. No hard questions, no forms, no baggage inspection. Customs forms are no longer required.

5) I looked ahead and saw no mashrutkas. The senior immigration man (no uniform) offered me a ride to Kanibodom for USD3 or Khujand for USD11. I opted for the full journey as I have a B&B with no accurate details and needed a phone call ahead. I think the price was maybe double the proper rate but I didn't want to negotiate and offend the immigration officer.

6) I had about the equivalent of USD3 leftover in Uzbek Soms. I managed to change this in Kanibodom and also change some USD for local spending.

Thanks everyone for your posts and I'm pleased to be able to add to it for future travellers.

NOTE: I stayed in Sakura Hostel or Sakura Inn in Fergana. Lovely new place. Clean, nice host, good breakfast. About 5 minutes walk from town centre. Highly recommended.
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by Sm1234 »

Can anyone recommend a place to stay in Konibodom? Also, any recommendations for cash in Konibodom - ATM? Moneychanger? Get Tajik money in Uzbekistan?

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