Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by Inom »

All in all, very smooth border crossing!
Kokand-Beshariq: Bus from Avgonbog station (40°30'5.348"N, 70°55'20.513"E)
The bus leaves from the very very behind of the station and costs around 3000som, leaves regularly.
Shared taxi was for 8000, leaves when full.

Beshariq-Border: shared taxi, paid 17000 for 2 persons with backpacks

Border-Konibodon: Bus 164, few meters after the border
Konibodon avtovokzal-Tajik Sea: Bus to Khujand goes every half an hou. We left at the point 40°13.46806'N, 69°57.65067'E to camp at the beach. There are private beaches with tapchans, and bad toilets, camping is possible, but you need to bargain. We were offered tapchan for ca 8€ for a night, but refused. In the end we were invited for the dinner and night from the guy renting jetskis.
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Re: Beshariq border crossing (Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, Fergana Valley)

Post by EvanMHill »

Took a Yandex from Kokand to the border for 95000 Som. Only us crossing, a Uzbek woman and a Tajik man. Woman spoke no Russian but clearly wanted us to help bring her 25-30kg of vegetables through.

No issues at the border besides asking for a visa because we're "Australian" (I am not, nor do they need a visa anyway). Older woman chirped the border guard while we waited. Easily stamped, on the other side there were probably 4-5 cabs waiting. Older woman got us on the Marshrukta to Konibodom which was waiting. Took about an hour, and from their we were the last people to fill the car to Khujand. About 20somoni total for both

Bought 100 somoni from the older woman, but overall it seemed that border is sparse enough you'd need to exchange beforehand or with a cab driver. The border Marshrukta asked is not to pay in Som if possible.
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