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Re: Crossing report: Loftabad-Artyk border (Iran-Turkmenistan)

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:38 pm
by uncle_sam01
I hitch hiked to Lotfabad from Mashad, which was fairly easy. I did take a (random) shared taxi at one point however (around 80km for 150,000 rials). I don't have much to add to the border part, it was as described here by others. The Iranian passenger passport control is a small building on the right (next to the array of trucks). Obligatory marshrutka was 4 manats. The Turkmen officers were extremely professional and helpful, almost all spoke English. There were a bunch of people (probably smugglers) waiting outside on the Turkmen side willing to take me to Ashgabat- the first price was 100 manat, which probably could've been negotiated substantially, but I managed to hitch a ride for free from someone else.