Iraqi Kurdistan - Turkey border crossing reports

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Iraqi Kurdistan - Turkey border crossing reports

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DoubleDutch wrote:
Mon Jun 22, 2020 3:40 pm
Kurdistan --> Turkey
Crossed on Tuesday 16 June and Wednesday 17 June. Couple with Dutch passports and Dutch car.

Because of the travel ban in Kurdistan, we needed a special paper to drive to the border crossing and leave the country. After you enter the border area, don't forget to stop at the first salon, to get your passport stamped out.

Then drive to the first small windows. A friendly man told us where to pay 10.000 dinar for stamping the car out (you actually have to walk to the same window where you pay 10.000 dinar when you enter Kurdistan). The car had been longer than the planned 1 month in Kurdistan because of the lockdown. But there was no fine or something. Back to the window with the right paper and after a talk with the police right before the bridge, we could cross. So, everything went smooth, because only truck traffic at that time.

When crossing the bridge, the Turkish people looked in the car and asked for our passenger list. We just wrote our names and passport numbers on a piece of paper. They signed that and that was it. Only looked in the back of the car, the fridge and the box on the roof swiftly.

We had to go to the special medical tent. We thought only for a temperature check. But it turned out we had to be in quarantine for 6 hours. This was a rule for all foreigners. Only Turkish citizens could enter the country without the 6 hour quarantine.

There were these emergency tents with stretchers in it. They gave us food and water. They did a coronatest (we never got the results, they didn't call us). When we finished the 6 hour quarantine, it was to late to buy the car insurance. So we had to spend the night in the emergency tent.

The Turkish part of the border is under construction, so it was messy. We found the office for the car insurance (Umat sigorta) near the medical tent. Bought it there in the morning for 250 Lira for 3 months.

Then go to the Polis on the totally other side for a passport stamp. Had to tell the man that people from the Netherlands don't need a visa anymore.

Back to another window to get passport, passenger list and insurance checked and we could go to the end. It all took a few hours. Everyone was friendly, but because of the building works it was sometimes unclear where to go.

Just before Silopi there is a big checkpoint. They will check your passport and visa stamp.
Hi DoubleDutch,

Is there any public transportation from Kurdistan to Turkey?
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Re: Iraqi Kurdistan - Turkey border crossing reports

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bamboo wrote:
Tue Sep 29, 2020 6:47 am

Hi DoubleDutch,

Is there any public transportation from Kurdistan to Turkey?
Hi bamboo,
We don't know, but we wouldn't count on it. A lot is done by taxi in Kurdistan.
Good luck!
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