Yalama border crossing: Uzbekistan -> Kazachstan

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Re: Yalama crossing rental car, Uzbekistan -> Kazachstan

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Yalama border crossing between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan below.

We summarize all info on the Kazakhstan border crossings and Uzbekistan border crossings pages.
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Yalama border crossing: Uzbekistan -> Kazachstan

Post by pete5330 »

Due to the changing situation in Uzbekistan regarding the president change, i made a new topic on crossing this border.
Crossed it today with a rental car (with a kyryz license plate)
Took us 3 hours, 1,5 hour for the persons, and 3 hours total for the car. We had to take everything out of the car and through the scan. Also, some kazach border guards wereld behaving a bit strange, very selfish also.
At the kazachstan side after the checks there is almost nothing except the usual money changers and 1 little shop. There were no other travellers around, only locals on the border crossing it.
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Re: Yalama border crossing: Uzbekistan -> Kazachstan

Post by malawi »

I have crossed this border 2 days ago. From KZ to UZ. Easy and pleasant. Passengers make it on foot on KZ part. Very little checkings on car and baggages. WARNING: if you have black windows the fee is 15usd - to be paid in Som, there is a bank.
Just after the exit gate on UZ side - 500 m you can buy UZ insurance 25 000 som /14 days, 50 000/30 days.
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