Kulundu - Ovchi-Kalacha border crossing (TJ/KGZ)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Kulundu - Ovchi-Kalacha border crossing (TJ/KGZ)

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Kulundu - Ovchi-Kalacha border crossing between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan below.

We summarize all info on the Tajikistan border crossings and Kyrgyzstan border crossings pages.
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Kulundu - Ovchi-Kalacha border crossing (TJ/KGZ)

Post by Dracid »


I want to share my experience with the border crossing Kulundu - Ovchi-Kalacha between Tajikistan and Kirgistan (Polish passport).

I was traveling from Khudjand to Osh and I decided not to try Isfara-Batken crossing but less used one to see how it would go.

The border crossing is here: 40.122319, 69.670469 (or at least border post stay there). On maps border line is not always precisely shown.

To get there from Khudjand you can catch 92 marshrutka (I also saw 92A or 92E on the road but 92 with the Овчи-Калъача = Ovchi-Kalacha name behind the windshield will take you directly to the border for sure). Cost: 3.50 Somoni.

The bus stop that I catch 92 bus at is here: 40.276379, 69.632897 (southern side of the road).

I crossed the border on foot. There was a discussion between me and Tajik border guard about obligation to register in Tajikistan (I am pretty sure they wanted to get some extra cash by pretending I should have registered myself even on a tourist e-visa). I speak Russian so I was patiently explaining him that this was not case. They also saw the e-visa for the first time so I had to show them where the validation period was and so on but in the end I got the exit stamp.

I also saw that people entering TJ in Ovchi-Kalacha were filling out migration cards. I did not have one (I entered through Oybek crosing with Uzbekistan and no migration card was issued. In front of me there were about 20 Scandinavian travelers also entering Tajikistan and no-one received migration card as well) but there were no questions asked about it.

I walked through the small bridge to the Kyrgyz post and this one was very smooth one. Fast stamp and welcome to Kirgistan.

To get to Isfana I sat in a shared taxi (150 Som - fair price, locals I was traveling with also paid 150 Som). In Isfana I had an issue with finding minibus or taxi do Osh. There were two bus stations. The first one, up the road, was sort of an official bus station. The parking spot down the road served as a bus stop for marshrutkas to Bishkek and Osh. I chose the minibus to Bishkek and driver promised that I could get off in Osh. The problem was I had to pay as if I was traveling to Bishkek (1500 Som) but I wanted to get there before dawn so I agreed.

On the route we stopped at Isfara-Batken border crossing to take many Tajik migrant workers going to Bishkek and further to Russia. The reason was (according to the driver) that plane ticket from KGZ to RUS is much cheaper than from TJ to RUS.

No border posts on the whole road from the border through Isfana, Batken and Osh although we passed through some Tajik village somewhere here: 39.932000, 69.497233. Anyway, no need to worries about enclaves in Kirgistan.The new road does not go through Uzbek territories.

I set off from Khudjand at 7:30, at 20:00 I was in Osh.

The road was decent on Tajik side. From the border to Isfana there is a tarmac road. From Isfana to Osh - very good quality. Only in Batken I remember some potholes but that's it.
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Re: Kulundu - Ovchi-Kalacha border crossing (TJ/KGZ)

Post by caomin »


any new information about the border Kyr./TJ near Batken and near Isfana? Are there both open for travellers by foot nowadays?
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Re: Kulundu - Ovchi-Kalacha border crossing (TJ/KGZ)

Post by Offie1 »

Hello on the 1st of September 2019 my son and I left Khujand and crossed over the border at Kulundu and headed to Isfana and then onto Batken. We had planned to drive across but the bridge was being rebuilt so presently its not possible to cross with a vehicle, we sent our vehicle with a local driver to the other border crossing for locals only and we met him on the other side. The road to Isfana is brand new and makes a beautiful drive and takes about 30 minutes. We travelled from Isfana to Batken stopping for lunch with local shepherds and once again the road and drive is absolutely stunning the journey took around 2 hours 30.
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