Samarkand - Dushanbe (UZ to TJ) self-driving

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Samarkand - Dushanbe (UZ to TJ) by car

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We left Samarkand around 2:30 am and got to the border arround 9 with a cofee brake and one stop for refueling(at the break of dawn, locals start putting out the 5l canisters to let you know they're open for business). Road conditions fairly good with a couple of 300-500m gravel portions.

Border crossing took 3 hours, but we where 3 cars and we waited for each other. For car and driver Document and Car check on the Uzbeck side take 60 minutes (that is if you don't have any skin showing photos, they love those and tend to share the really interesting ones with the whole border patrol). Other than being nosy the're pretty friendly. They did ask for a car document that indeed everybody else had and I didn't, but as i know I'm carefull with documents I figured they just forgot to give it to me at the Turkmen-Uzbeck border and played it cool. After making a big fuss about it, they let me go.

Tajik side verry friendly, no car check. Payed 6 usd for car decontamination and 25 dollars for customs declaration. They couldn't explain clearly what they where as their english was pretty bad and the receipts we got were in cyrilic, but we totalled 4 papers from 3 offices all of which we need to keep.
One hour total waiting timw, but it was around lunch time...

All and all good experience
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