Reports: Hairatan-Termez border crossing (UZB - Afgh)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Reports: Hairatan-Termez border crossing (UZB - Afgh)

Post by Koen »


thought i was reading it wrong, but you seriously asking how to get into Afghanistan.
Think all diplomatic offices off Afghanistan in other countries are closed.
Off course you can always illegally enter, the fences don't look that high.
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Re: Reports: Hairatan-Termez border crossing (UZB - Afgh)

Post by yamamotoo »

Well, theoretically you can enter Afghanistan now, and even through Hairatan border.
However, you still need visa for that and I think no embassy will issue it now. I have a friend, who entered land border with an old visa, she received it before August and it was okay for entering. So let’s see what will be in the nearest future - as you probably know, during 1996-2001 it was okay to enter Taliban-controlled Afghanistan with both Taliban & Nothern Alliance visas with no issues. Still I think that we have to wait for visiting Afghanistan at least for a year.
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Re: Reports: Hairatan-Termez border crossing (UZB - Afgh)

Post by OWNER »

This checkpoint is working now. I was there at the end of September 2021. I did not cross the border.


A look at Hairaton from Uzbekistan.

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Re: Termiz-Hairatan border

Post by cat_hag »

jack555 wrote:
Thu Oct 21, 2021 3:41 am
Hi there,

I'm flying to Tashkent next week. I want to know whats the best way to get to Hairatan? I was wondering if the Termiz-Hairatan border is open without any problems? and how long would it take to to get a Afghan visa if I applied in Uzbekistan?
The Afghan Consulate in Tashkent is not issuing visas now.

The border crossing is open into Afghanistan - but you must have a valid visa to use it.
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