Kazakhstan road updates

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Re: Kazakhstan road updates

Post by Berry »

Some more updates:

Astana-Karaganda: new highway, 2x2 lanes. I think the maximum speed is 120 km/h. Around 15 km before karaganda the highway stops. It is a toll road. 400 tenge for a passenger car.
Karaganda-Balgash: they are building a new highway and should be finished in 2022/2023 according to the signs. The current road is pretty good, however do to construction you have to leave the road for a couple of hundred meters (onto gravel) every now and then. 90 km/h (or more) is doable most of the times. Note: very few fuel stations (only 2 or 3) on this entire section.
Balqash-Shyganak: pretty good tarmac. Average speed of around 80 km/h. Also building a new highway, but progress is not as far as the previous stretch.
Shyganak-Almaty (M36): pain in the ass road with a lot of bumps and potholes. Also due to construction of a new road, you have to leave the highway pretty often. At around 250km before Almaty they opened a stretch of around 10 kilometer perfect tarmac, the same goes for 140 until 160 kilometer before Almaty. The last 100 kilometer is almost perfect tarmac (90+ km/h).

As there are a lot of roadworks on the roads mentioned: most of the times the speed limit is 50 km/h and according to the construction progress will be for a few more years. Of course, everybody drives 90+, but beware of police. There are a lot of them on seamingly random and deserted places...
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Re: Kazakhstan road updates

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Astana to Ekibastus: the first 210 Km new highway, speedlimit 120 km/h, than 50 Km not so good, but not bad, 20 Km before Ekibastus again new highway still under construction, so mostly one side is only open on one lane. Ekibastus to Pavlodar, new highway, not totaly finished yet but one side open, one lane, speed limit 60-80 km/h.
You can drive from Astana till Pavlodar on Aspahlt.
Pavlodar till russian border Kulunda, good Asphalt. (After Pavlodar till Barnaul good asphalt via Blagoweschtschenka)
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