Border crossing Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan (Isfara-Batken)

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Border crossing Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan (Isfara-Batken)

Post by destinationdutchland »

Hi guys,

Nothing to worry about, very easy, very smooth crossing!
We crossed the border from Batken (KGS) to Isfara (TJ) two days ago, with a Kazakh rented own vehicle, it was a breeze, all-in-all under 1 hour.
We drove up to the gate near Batken, parked at the gate (we were the first vehicle there, only one followed after us), the Kyrgyz guard wanted to see our passports which we provided through the gate, and he gestured we wait for a bit. We hung out with the taxi drivers and about 5 people wanting to cross on foot near the gate for about half an hour. Then there was an abrupt shuffle of people when the gate opened. I, as a passenger, walked through with the other people, my husband drove the car through when the gate was opened. They opened the boot of the car, glanced at our backpacks and closed it. My husband parked and joined me at the passport check booth, showed our passports and the car registration (plastic card), and we got stamped out within 5 minutes. Then, there is a short drive through no man's land - no road, just dirt/gravel and a bit rough terrain - A Kyrgyz guard checks your passport if you are stamped out, and you reach the Tajiki side. We parked the car, popped the boot again, quick glance over the bags and closed again. We walked up to the customs passport booth, my husband got a compliment on his moustache, we showed our passports, car registration and Tajik E-visas, and were both stamped in super fast, with a big smile, a hugging gesture and a wholehearted "WELCOME TO TAJIKISTAN!" by the customs agent.
Driving out, we were told to stop by the building on the left, parked the car again and went on to look for someone, which we found at the last office, they took my husband's passports and the car registration for about 15 minutes, went to copy something and they filled in a form, and we were off.
We were waved out by the guard's, and that was that! No funny business, definitely no bribes, all smiles and waves.

We stopped at Isfara to get TJ cash out of an ATM and a Tajiki SIM card - TCEll could not register us, so we got a Beeline SIM, valid 10 days with 3GB for 100 TJ Somoni.

Bas and Nikki
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Re: Border crossing Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan (Isfara-Batken)

Post by togreiser »

I did this border crossing September 18th.

Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan

It was very easy. Fast passport check on both sides. No customs checks at all.

On the Caravanistan map with all the border crossing this border crossing is in the wrong place. Se attached picture with correct location (red dot is correct, green is wrong) The wrong location just has to armed guards. Not possible to cross.
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Re: Border crossing Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan (Isfara-Batken)

Post by IsabelleT14 »

Hello all,

We are hoping to travel Khujand - Osh via the Batken border. It appears we can do this without entering Uzbekistan/needing Uzbekistan visa (although correct me if I’m wrong).

Is there anywhere worth stopping between Batken border and Osh? We would be interested in breaking journey up and maybe doing some hiking, but unsure where. Has anyone done this, or did everyone travel straight between Batken and Osh?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Border crossing Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan (Isfara-Batken)

Post by kazanskiitatar »

Hello Isabelle!
I'm currently in Osh, and came from Kyzyl-Kiya. I first spent two days in Batken, then went to Kyzyl-Kiya for a day. I stayed in a nice, cheap hotel in K-K, and the nice lady who owns it was telling me about great hiking and some waterfalls just an hour or so outside southeast of town.
Hotel is called Altyn Ordo, at (40.2639079, 72.1193299)
Ask around among locals about the waterfalls, but anyway, there's nice mountains south of K-K that could be deemed cool for hiking.
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Re: Border crossing Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan (Isfara-Batken)

Post by rhinomaxil »

Crossed today, nothing difficult. I’ll just add three information:
- the border is open 24/7
- you can change your somoni in som at the bazaar in Isfara - the exchange rate was quite good, just ask the pharmacist guy on the right at the entrance of the bazaar, he will make a quick phone call and 30 secs later there will be men with plastic bags of money coming in to change your money. Btw the bazaar is next to the giant apricot statue. Banks were already closed when we got there but it may be possible to change your money there as well
- in Batken we stayed at Alton Ordo hostel: 600/pers (no dinner or breakfast) or 1000/pers in their more "luxury" building next door. The 600som room worked just fine for us (ok clean, quiet, private bathroom).
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Re: Border crossing Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan (Isfara-Batken)

Post by lulo »

Thank you so much for all your information ;)

Next Spring i go to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, but now i have to change some part of the route of my trip because i found the Border Crossing "Karamyk, Jirigital - Daroot Korgan" between KG & TJ still closed to foreigners.

I was looking in the map the location of Isfara-Batken Border Crossing and i found i need to cross the "exclave of Sokh" (Uzbekistan).

Do you know if is possible could cross that "exclave" or avoid?

Thank you and happy new year!
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LULO :mrgreen:

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