Security situation in Xinjiang - leave your thoughts

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Re: Security situation in Xinjiang - leave your thoughts

Postby BakuBound » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:53 pm

Unless the place is officially registered for lodging with the PSB, then you have to head to the PSB as I mentioned above.

And while I can't address Kashgar, in just the past couple of months it seems the lodging situation for foreigners has become extremely restricted in Urumqi. That is, the situation is becoming worse and changing quickly.
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Re: Security situation in Xinjiang - leave your thoughts

Postby JnKln » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:24 pm

on Xinjiang reeducation camps:

(1) Kazakhstan Denies Asylum To Chinese 'Reeducation Camps' Whistle-Blower ... 28175.html

(2) Under Threat Of Chinese 'Reeducation,' Ethnic Kazakh Forced To Abort Baby: ... 32546.html
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Re: Security situation in Xinjiang - leave your thoughts

Postby Shepi » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:56 pm

Hi as per accommodating foreigners in Xinjiang. We have been in Xinjiang in September and the options are extremely limited. There are cheap guesthouses and options which will not accept you unless you are Chinese and they are frightened to do otherwise even if police asks them to help you. It happened to us once that all the approved hotels for foreigners were fully booked by chinese and we were not allowed to leave the city and to look for other places to stay, nor to sleep in the cheaper hotels, so at the end of the day (rather night) a policemen made us stay in his car until sunrise. He was genuinely worried believing all the state propaganda about region, but still… The south of the region is much worse then Urumqi, this actually happened in the north (cant recall the name of the city). I doubt Airbnb or couch-surfing is available to foreigners.
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