Overland from Herat to Mashhad

Is the road, border or area open and accessible to foreigners? Is there danger?
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Mashad to Herat overland

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Has anyone travelled between Mashad and Herat overland within the last 18 months? If so, do you have any security updates on this route? And do you have any tips on the best mode of transport?

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Overland from Herat to Mashhad

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I traveled overland from Herat, Afghanistan to Mashhad Iran. We took taxi from Herat (arranged by our friend in Herat) to Mashhad. Total cost 19 dollar per person. It was actually 15 dollar but we paid for 3rd person seat as we want some privacy at the back seat. Means, only 2 of us at the back and 3 passenger only. Journey from Herat to border took 1.5 hours

Border crossing was very long at Afghanistan side. They were so many Afghan people waiting to cross the border. There were no tourist line or counter. All people has to wait at the same line. They were no shelter also, people are waiting under the sun. We were tried to meet some officer inside by telling them we are tourist (with our driver help). But its not working. They officer chase us out from the office. They ask us to wait for the line.

We spent an hour without understanding the process and then someone told us that their system is down and we need to wait. After 90 minutes, some miracles happened, our driver bring us to meet first officer Commander in the separate building (near the entrance) and he gave us permission to go straight to the counter to get the stamp. After we got the stamp, we about to leave the office and go into the car, suddenly an officer came and call us for interview. We went back to the building and met officer in his officer.

We were interview for 30 minutes. We asked us what are we doing in Afghanistan, with who are we working with? why Afghanistan. After 30 minutes, he let us go.

At Iranian border, there were no tourist or foreigner counter, everyone has to wait at the same counter but they separate counter between male and female. I tried to approached an officer said that we are foreigner. But its didn't work. He ask to wait for the line. No shelter or anything, i was waiting long line under hot sun and windy. After 2.5 hours only i got the stamp without asking much question. The only question they asked me, 'i'm from where?".

Then we continue journey to Mashhad. We use the same taxi till Mashhad. Taxi from Mashhad cannot drive in the centre of Mashhad, so he drop us at the side of the road before city centre and we took another taxi to our friend's place in Mashhad.
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