Khunjerab Pass (China-Pakistan border) Q&A

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Re: Khunjerab Pass (China-Pakistan border) Q&A

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I plan to cross the border in the October, heading from China to Pakistan. I'd like to cross it as late as possible. Could anybody tell me how bad/good idea it is? First - what about possible wheather conditions, second - what about "the current situation" on the border?

I really appreciate all news. Of course, I will send an update basing on my own experiences, as I only reach Pakistan.

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Re: Khunjerab Pass (China-Pakistan border) Q&A

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We crossed the Khunjerab pass from China to Pakistan on the 18th of October and everything went ok. The Chinese part is tedious, with so many controls but except from that, if you have all the necessary papers and a LOT of patience, everything should be fine.

In Tashkurgan we bought our tickets (225¥ each) in the bus station and took the bus in the Khunjerab custom port which is 2.5km from the ticket shop (you can see the different bus stops on Maps.Me). There is several transportations : "VIP" sleeper bus (39 capacity), mid-size bus (18 seater) and smaller vans (7ish capacity). We spoke with some Pakistanis and they told us the trick that if you don't want to be in the big bus, you have to wait a bit that the ticket sales and you can get in the smaller ones. We where on the sleeper bus and it was alright, we may have preferred the 18 seater which is apparently more comfortable (and slightly faster).

We bought our tickets at 9:20am in Tashkurgan, where at the custom port at 10am (it was packed with Pakistanis and Chinese tourists), the gate opened at 11am. After another tiring and long Chinese check, we where outside at 12am, our bus left at 1:25pm after it was full. Some smaller buses left several minutes earlier than us...

On the Pakistani side it was smooth and very friendly, the total entrance procedure took no more than 15mn.

- The border should close by November but maybe sooner due to weather conditions.
- We were not checked in China for polio or other health issues (coming from Kyrgyzstan), only in Pakistan we where asked to fill a form about our current health condition (nothing to declare, so pretty easy!) when we passed the border.
- You can change dollars at the Pakistani customs House (1$=140Rs instead of 155Rs at the time).
- We apparently did a good job at hiding our knives and scissors from Chinese authorities because we still have them as of today!
- No spyware app installed on our phones (they stopped installing Jingwang app on foreigners phones since September 2019 apparently) but a REALLY thorough check of pictures (beware of pictures containing beards, turbans like Tuareg keffiyeh, whatever could make you think about Muslim/"terrorist wear". They are totally paranoid about it, I sometimes wear a scarf Tuareg style and they didn't like it!).

Best of lucks for your crossing!


Julien & Sarah
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